Ohio State Marching Band Blows Our Minds With Amazing Formations (VIDEO)

Get ready to throw all your preconceived notions of band-geekiness out the window, because the kids of the Ohio State University marching band are about to blow them away. Ok, maybe they’re geeks or maybe they’re not, but you’ll love them regardless after seeing the supremely awesome things they can do for a field show that you’ll actually want to watch.

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This past weekend, they delivered a stellar halftime show with the theme “Hollywood Blockbusters.” Take a look at the video, and click through the slideshow to see the “best of” stills.

Did you ever think you'd be oohing and awwing over a bunch of college kids in spats with tubas? Which formation was your favorite?


Image via osumbvideo/YouTube

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casti... castinghub

Loved this video, they did such a great job!

First... FirstTimeMama21

THE BEST DAMN BAND IN THE LAND! Go Bucks. By the way author, it is THE Ohio State University.


A Buckeye Mom

rkkel... rkkeller13

Ah reminds me of my good ole glory days in amrching band. I had so much fun back in the day!

rkkel... rkkeller13

*Marching band*

ashjo85 ashjo85

I miss marching band!!! Proud baritone over here :-)


I slap my forhead every time I look back on my high school/college.  That was pretty darn awesome.  And just think, I was the kind of silly person that thought being in the band was for nerds.  I really missed out on some fun stuff. 

Shannon Nixdorf-Wright

Jurassic Park formation was the best! Spitting the hat out at the end...priceless! Loved it!

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