Heroes: Back on Track, Better Than Ever!

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Heroes is back on track!  According to my friend and Heroes expert, Jordanplustwo, says the most recent episode (from last Monday, 12/1) is a must see! She says The Eclipse Part Two is a perfect 10. This episode has brought her back into the show, just as she was losing faith in the series. Spoiler alert!


The Eclipse Part Two recap by Jordanplustwo:

Everyone had lost their powers because of the eclipse, but during this episode the eclipse ends and all powers are returned.

Peter and the Haitian rescue Nathan (who had been captured by the Haitian's brother). Always putting his brother first, Peter holds off the Haitian's brother's henchmen with some HORRIBLE gun skills, allowing Nathan and the Haitian to escape.  Just as Peter is overcome and decides to surrender, Nathan and the Haitian come back, with powers restored, and get rid of the Haitian's brother for good. Nathan leaves Peter in the jungle as he flies back to help their father.

Claire's gun wound gets worse and she ends up in the hospital; we find out her entire immune system has shut down. She gets upset, flat lines, and is pronounced dead just as the eclipse ends. As soon as the eclipse is over, she heals, and comes back to life.

Just after Sylar and Elle got hot and heavy -- Horned Rim Glasses (HRG) ruins their moment -- as he burst in on them, shooting. Elle gets tagged as they escape, allowing HRG to track them. Meanwhile, Sandra (HRG's wife) calls HRG to have him come to the hospital and help her explain Claire to the cops -- he says he will be right there but as he hangs up he finds Elle's bloody hand print, and follows her and Sylar instead.

Sylar puts himself in front of HRG for Elle. HRG takes Sylar down and cuts his throat with a box cutter as Elle watches from a cargo elevator. Sylar comes back to life, too, after the eclipse ends and finds HRG back at home with Claire. Hanging from mid-air HRG tells Sylar that he's not Angela and Arthur's son, and they're using him. Before Sylar can kill HRG Hiro shows up and takes Sylar and Elle away. Elle is later killed by Sylar.

Mohinder and Arthur have a little argument over Mohinder's desire not to stay put and research the eclipse's effect (and their abilities being gone). Claire's maternal uncle keeps 'watch' over Mohinder, threatening him with a lighter. Mohinder knocks him out and takes off after Maya. Mohinder returns to the compound as soon as the eclipse is over and his freakish scales return.

We find out that Daphne, without her powers, has Cerebral Palsy. Once her powers return Matt and Daphne go on a quest to find a bike messenger, who, they believe has a comic book that can help them tell the future.

Hiro and Ando find a comic book store near Daphne's home and start looking through old comics trying to figure out what is going on. Hiro is still a ten-year-old. The guys that work at the store tell them that once the eclipse is over the powers will come back. Hiro says that he doesn't want to grow up but ulitmately he knows what his mission is... and the episode ends with Hiro and Claire in Manhattan -- watching HRG getting Claire as a baby from Hiro's father.

Tonight's episode was a PERFECT 10! I loved it! It definitely has brought me back into the show, just when I was losing faith in it. It is a MUST SEE episode.

Go to NBC.com to watch it before tonight's episode, if you haven't seen it.  The previews for the next episode look amazing.  It's getting good!

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