'Teen Mom' Leah Messer Lets Her Kids Play With Toy Guns

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leah messerThere are a lot that you can criticize the Teen Mom stars about. From filming porn to wild parties to brawls, they typically have not been the best role models. But not all are so bad. From what I can tell, Leah Messer has always led one of the more tame lifestyles among these young reality TV stars. Though recently, she has caught a bit of flack for allowing her little kids to play with toy guns -- which is absolutely ridiculous.

Leah let's her twins Aleeah and Aliannah run around with plastic guns, which one of girls recently brought along to cheerleading practice. Check out her tweet about it.


This has prompted some vicious backlash toward Leah, which seems just a little overblown. Let me just say that I am a huge proponent of gun control. I think there is a serious problem with gun violence in our society. But the problem has nothing to do with children playing with plastic firearms.

With nearly a million gun deaths per year, the issue goes way deeper than a toy. Look at it this way, long before the frightening escalation of violence, kids have played with toy weapons. Cops and Robbers, Cowboys, GI Joe, and other forms of imaginative play have been a common activity for children. That does not desensitize kids, it's just a form of play-acting. Though, I think it's important for toy guns to look like toys and not realistic replicas of the real thing.

Those games haven't changed in the last 50 years, but perhaps the parents and the world has. Kids don't become violent on their own. They usually have plenty of help from the messed up adults in their lives. Most kids who display violent behavior, have a history of violence in their homes or are subjected to it by peers. That is the real crime. That is the experience and behavior we need to aggressively try to change.

While I certainly understand the heightened concern, I think we have to be careful not to overreact when something as innocent as the photo above is tweeted by a loving parent.

Do you think it's wrong for kids to play with toy guns? Why?


Image via MTV & Twitter

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Crystal Stevens

really people. Come on. Most of us grew up playing with toys like this. Our society is the problem not Leah

nonmember avatar Lynn Shumard

Good Lord people we playrd with gun and played cops and robbers when we were little .let kids be kids .

Danie... Danielle17T

Omg y is this a big deal??

Tatiana Rauch

Umm There's nothing wrong with playing with toy guns I played with toy guns with my male cousins and we're fine I get a lot of parents are on edge about school shootings but come on plus if you notice their girls and studies show girls are less likely to commit mass shootings.

Emily Cloudman

REALLY!? Its a TOY gun, get over it I let my kids play with them all the time and I see kids playing with TOY guns all the time as well. Get over it city folk.

nonmember avatar Kellie

I don't think it's wrong for kids to play with toy guns. Toy guns doesn't make kids violent. When kids grow up and know what a real gun is.. you explain to them that the real thing is not a toy. Lots of kids play guns and robbers.. who cares they are kids, let them play. But i wouldn't let my kids take it everywhere with them tho.

Victoria Ann Trujillo

Its wrong for little kids to play with toy guns because its teaching them violence and we don't need are kids to be violence

Jennifer Hippensteel

I would rather my child play with a toy gun. And they realize it's a toy gun.  Then to play game systems and watch TV all day!  Come on people.  It's not that serious.  Now, if she had guns laying around letting her kids play with REAL GUNS that were not loaded then I could see the reason for this article.  I guess they have to stir stuff up from somewhere.  Get a life people!


Heather Packo

I played with toy guns and I'm not a killer. I think that people should mind their own business.

Freela Freela

I was not going to let my  kids play with toy guns, until I realized that a small boy will turn literally anything into a gun.  Once he ate a piece of toast into the shape of a gun and was 'shooting' with that at the breakfast table!  At that point, I relaxed about it a lot.  My son is 11 now and far from a violent kid.

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