Robert Pattinson Is Partying Like a Rock Star Thanks to Kristen Stewart

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Robert PattinsonGoing through a major breakup can definitely ruin your life a little bit and leave you down in the dumps, but based on how much Robert Pattinson is partying these days, it's obvious that he isn't crying into his pillow (or his beer) every night over Kristen Stewart.

From attending various concerts, to hitting up L.A. hot spots like the Chateau Marmont and The Viper Room -- Rob definitely doesn't seem too keen on quiet nights at home lately, but can you blame him?

He and KStew were together for like, 100 years (at least by Hollywood standards,) and he spent a huge chunk of his 20s tied down to one woman.

Now that he's finally single, doesn't it make sense for him to go out on the town and act like the 27-year-old hunk of a dude that he is? It's almost like ending things with Kristen is exactly what he needed to bring him out of his shell so he could start living life to the fullest instead of being so settled at such a young age.

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This is the perfect time for him to embrace the single life and get partying all night out of his system -- because then he'll be ready and willing to revert back to nights spent at home cooking dinner and watching a movie and all that jazz once the right woman turns up. 

The last thing he needs is to waste this time sulking over the way things could've been if KStew hadn't cheated. If he doesn't get out there and enjoy his young adult life now -- the opportunity is going to pass him by and he'll really be kicking himself down the road.

There are only so many times in a man's life where you can be one of the most desired and eligible bachelors in Hollywood without a care or responsibility in the world -- so Rob might as well stay out all night, get rip roaring drunk, possibly sing a little karaoke, and enjoy every single second of it.

Do you think Rob is partying to get over KStew, or because he's over her?


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nonmember avatar guest

You are ridiculous...St. Rob is a douche and it's her fault? Nope, sorry. She has done nothing but acted normal but the tabs have her suicidal and all in his biz. Give us all a break.

Caroline Heyer

How is it Kristen's fault that Rob is a lush who sleeps around? And why do you still mention Kristen's supposed cheating? For one thing, no one knows how far things with Rupert and Kristen really went! For another, Rupert was her Director, essentially her manager, and in the real world he is guilty of sexually harassing this young girl. For a woman writer not to recognize this is disgraceful! Plus, whatever happened with Kristen and Rupert was over a year ago and the media is still talking about it! Are you going to be reminding the public of this incident when Kristen is 40? For the life of me I don't know how stars refrain from putting out hits on writers and paparazzi...they've got to be tempted! I know I would be!

nonmember avatar Sealy

He looks awful. Partying takes a toll on your looks and health. He needs to grow up.

Carol Bonsall

OK Robert have a good cry into your know who has a box of tissues with your name on wipe those tears away for good

daren_ss daren_ss

Good God. Kirsten Stewart fans are awful. They're hating on Pattz for simply living his life like any other dude in mid 20's yet they're idolize and continue painting Kirsten as the "victim" here smfh so ridiculous. 

nonmember avatar em

rob if u r doing this because of kristen.give up and go to her. you know she is ur true love and soulmate.

nonmember avatar em

rob if u r doing this because of kristen.give up and go to her. you know she is ur true love and soulmate.

nonmember avatar Haley

Finally an article that makes sense! He's 27 & an attractive man. So what if he goes out & has a good time? There is nothing wrong with that as long as he has a driver and is being safe. As for all these a Rob bashers, move on like he & Kristen obviously have. Stop living your life through two people who could care less about you. He owes you nothing. I'm not bashing Kristen because I think she's done that well herself. Go support her if that's what you like but leave him alone because he's not doing what you think he should be doing.

nonmember avatar ali

KS fans behave as if he's broken up with them !!! Soooo funny. He's just a normal young British guy living his life, forever faithful to his friends, and everyone he's worked with has only good things to say about him. Before long he'll be working again and I can't wait to see him on the red carpets again in 2014. As for KS 'fans' - have you ever considered that she might be OK with the split, she seems to be moving on well with her life. She's probably really embarrassed by your nonsense . JMO

Mary Santora

I say LEAVE THEM BOTH ALONE, let them live their life---Rob N Kristen will b back together--i dont believe they ever broke up, even when they were together Rob was out partying with his friends.

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