The Big Lie NeNe Is Desperate for Fans to Believe (VIDEO)

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The big day has arrived! Last night saw the two hour finale special of I Dream of Nene: The Wedding, and it was a doozy!

What did I notice behind-the-scenes, what is it REALLY like to attend a wedding filmed for reality TV and what's UP with all these Bravo Weddings this fall?

Besides the actual wedding, there was a LOT of drama to see. Marlo Hampton calls herself the LeBron James of bridesmaids. I say she gets the Bridezilla-maid of the Year Award...and in today's exclusive video I tell you why!

Do you think Nene Leakes really didn't know there would be strippers at Gregg Leakes' bachelor party? And why was I not surprised when she announced she'd have done it better?

What happens when you're on a Bravo show, and you attend an event on ANOTHER Bravo show? Hint, sometimes it's upsetting, as Patti Stanger learned.

I break all that down, and also this week, a question. Are you having wedding fatigue? I take a quick stroll down memory lane through the Housewives' weddings and you might be surprised what I found! Quick sneak peek: who had the highest rated Housewives wedding of all time so far?

The Atlanta gals come back next week!! Have you had enough of Nene on her own? Either way, are you ready for the whole RHOA posse to return? I am!! Join me next week to break it down...

How would you handle a bridesmaid as awful as NeNe's?

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nonmember avatar Angela

The main thing that needs to be put down is Marlo. Boo Hoo she plays the bad childhood card all too often. Having a bad childhood is no excuse for being a major bitch to others, camera and spotlight HOG. Poor Marlo, bull, remember the tons of expensive shoes she took to Africa! I get the feeling Nene's emotional moment, holding on to the wall and moaning how she "doesn't know if I can do this" was a bit of acting. Lovely over the top wedding. My lingering question is why the original wedding planner let herself be filmed looking like a goof?

Charley Bell

Atlanta is done and over................stick a fork in it.  Nobody cares about these people.  The weddings are beyond ridiculous, haven't watched in ages.  Just deleted everything Bravo from my Facebook likes.  I'm done with this mean crap.

Karen McCartney

Alex, I am OVER the weddings on Bravo.  

But i do like the Vacations!!!!


Calvin Right

so much fakery. Making up with Kim on the show is clearly just for publicity for the show and Kim also has her new show coming up. Make up in private if its for real. They still probably never see each other anyways.They always had a spiteful friendship even in the very beginning season 1; never ever happy for each other and sniping at each others success. Thats not even a friendship worth saving. As for this 2nd marriage; clearly it was done just for a TV show. The whole thing was staged with lots of phoney drama. Ive never thought they had a happy relationship just looks like theyve settled for 2nd best and what they know rather than any excitement or passion. It didnt work first time and I dont see whats changed this time. Nene never looks happy to me she seems like somebody who is bitter at the core. Always the first to pour cold water on others success and then whines about others not being happy for her success!

Denise Messina Ribaudo

I found Nene's second wedding to the same person contrived. Not a good role model to say working on a marriage is important when you divorced the person only to remarry so you can get them to sign a prenup.

Reali... Realityaddict

What is Bravo's budget for paying for all these weddings anyway?


dusti... dustinsmom1

RHW of Atlanta sucks.

Norma J Brill

   I think Nene's wedding was truly sad. Really $53,000.00 for her dress that looked NOTHING like a wedding dress. And all the money that was spent on that wedding just blows my mind, for a second wedding to the same man. There's nothing new and fresh about that.. These people spend money like their growing it out their asses.  To me this wedding was so dumb and Nene getting waited on like she's some kind of queen. Nene get the hell over yourself along with all your friends wearing weaves.

Marie L. Moody

Everything about this wedding spells...F A K E...Nene is so full of herself, she stinks!

I don't mean to sound negitive, but come on!  Think of the children that could have been clothed

and fed, folks who could have had a roof put over their heads with just a small part of what 

was spent on this "fake" wedding.  Not interested in Bravo anymore!

nonmember avatar Leslie

I will be waiting for Nene to file for bankruptcy in the coming year as her prime time t.v. career opportunities are all coming to an end. Her million dollar payday from Bravo will not be able to cover her "rich bitch" lifestyle. She is clearly supporting Greg and her lay-about first son and grandchild, let alone her over the top lifestyle. It is just a matter of time before she fades into obscurity.

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