'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Makes Shocking Confession About Her Plastic Surgery Plans

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Farrah Abraham BethennyAlright, who had lips in the "what part of her body is Farrah Abraham going to have enhanced next" poll? Give yourself a prize! Clips of the Teen Mom star's appearance today on Bethenny made it to the Internet early, and she spilled the beans on her latest plastic surgery venture plus her nips and tucks to come.

So, you know the lips are fake. But what else is Farrah going to enhance?

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Let's roll the video tape!


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Hmm. Did you catch that long list? She's had the boobs, the nose, the chin, the lips ... AND she went back to have the chin implant removed.

But wait a second, rewind! Did Farrah just say she's done? No more plastic surgery? At the ripe old age of 22?

Let's just say it's about time! Just look at that before and after. Farrah has changed so much in such a short period of time, and there was nothing wrong with her to begin with. She always has been a beautiful girl.

Her intense focus on body "improvement" isn't healthy for her or for daughter Sophia. Remember that eyebrow waxing incident? But if she's true to her word and really intends to stop these shenanigans, maybe she can right the apple cart and start focusing on what really matters: inner beauty. Maybe she can start with being a little nicer to her dad?

Would you get plastic surgery? What would you get done?


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momof... momof3cuties987

She looks better in her before pic.

nonmember avatar Monica

Instead of all the other she should get something for her droopy eyes!!!!and people should really stop referring her as Farrah from teen mom cause she makes the shows look like a discrace!!!

adamat34 adamat34

The show is a disgrace.

Why are we glorifying this issue?

Kattey Kattey

Poor girl needs a shrink. It makes me sad when already beautiful girls get tons of enhancements. The self-esteem is at an all time low.


At least she took that awful chin implant out! She didn't even need any work done in the first place, though.

Daria Lette Curry-Gouker

If only Farrah was as concerned about her daughter as she is about plastic surgery and herself. She doesn't even deserve to be called a mom.

nonmember avatar Manda

Still Ugly Sorry not Sorry

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