'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Recap: North West's Arrival Surprises Everyone

kim KardashianIt was the moment everyone (or no one, depending on your taste) had been waiting for. This week on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, it was all about the baby! The hour had come, and verily was Kim Kardashian rushed to the hospital where, five weeks early, she would push forth North West into the waiting world which would be forever changed. Needless to say, control-freak Kris Jenner was in a total tizzy. Anything that spoils Kris's plans is alright by me, friends. As her fellow in being a total control-freak, I get a strange thrill watching her schemes unravel. 

But Kim's delivery and the discussion of her mammoth breasts and "better than before" vagina (but seriously though -- WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?) weren't the only things that went down tonight. Bruce Jenner made a friend! Was that friend a comedian whose shtick is talking dummies? Yes. But I find the strangeness oddly fitting, and god knows Bruce could use a friend what with his marriage about to implode on television.


As Bruce tried desperately to understand how to have a friend with some misguided help from his sons, Khloe Kardashian walked the streets of L.A. making buddies of her own with street-walking, self-proclaimed "crack babies". It was an odd story line. I half wondered if this was the show doing its best to segue-way into a potential Lamar Odom addiction story-line. It felt too sloppy and weird for that, for you know? That said, it was kind of touching to hear Khloe talk about the legacy of caring for the less fortunate and how that desire had been put in her by her late father. Sad face! Happy face for helping others, though! 

The main event was still totally Kim's delivery. Is it just me or did some magical pregnancy hormone kick into hyper-drive?  Kim seemed so calm she was basically...comatose? The woman hears her liver is shutting down due to toxemia and is basically like "YAWN, NEXT". I would have been FREAKING OUT. Luckily, everyone else in her life is already doing that, freeing Kim to have an awesome delivery. Not that we saw it. Kim chose, at the behest of Kanye West (I'm a poet and I didn't even know it), to keep that stuff private. It was nice of her to explain to her viewers that she hasn't changed who she is -- she's just making space for Kanye and for North who haven't chosen the same sort of life she has. Then she talked about doing Playboy more. That's when my eyes rolled back into my head permanently. Let the girls settle back down and your nethers heal before we talk about running to display them to the masses, right? 

Do you think Kim's rushing the whole Playboy thing?


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