Jamie Dornan & Pregnant Wife Show Off Their '50 Shades of Grey' Baby In the Belly (PHOTO)

jamie dornanWhile we were all fawning over Charlie Hunnam as our (first) Christian Grey and drooling over his character Jax on Sons of Anarchy (and day dreaming about what it's going to be like seeing him dominate in this oh so unbelievably sexy role), Jamie Dornan was busy tending to his gorgeous pregnant wife Amelia Warner. Is it just me or did Dornan just get twenty-thousand times hotter?

I had no clue who Dornan was before, and if we're being truthful here I was really, really looking forward to see as much of Hunnam as possible. But seeing Jamie like this -- doting dad-to-be? Well, it just made my mom heart flutter.


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The super hot couple were spotted walking about in London enjoying a coffee, perhaps a spot of tea, or maybe some hot cocoa. They were just married in April and announced they were expecting their first baby a month later. Which means Amelia's due date is soon. Which means when we were all in a frenzy wondering who was going to be cast in Fifty Shades, Jamie was busy making a baby!

I'm loving Amelia's pregnancy style. Loving the grey top! Loving Jamie's grey pants -- and dang, it's just two shades of grey here. Just need 48 more. I'd like to think I looked as well put together and gorgeous without makeup and with child as she does, but I surmise that just lived in my fantasy. Also in my fantasy? Jamie as Christian!

This just sealed the deal for me. I'm excited. I'm okay with the Hunnam breakup (sort of) because ... well ... look at this man!

It looks like we're going to meet Baby Dornan sooner than we see him in this highly anticipated piece of cinematic sin. I'm sure there was some sort of baby boom after many read the book, so it's sweet he's inspiring more little bundles of love not only from his role, but as being a super hot dad. Just some more fodder for your fantasy!

Are you excited about Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey?


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