Chris Brown's Latest Arrest Brings Up Pain of Rihanna Incident

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chris brownWhen someone does something wrong -- really wrong -- we still have to find it in our hearts to forgive them, possibly help them get the help they need, and everyone can heal. I was feeling that for Chris Brown even though I wanted to hate on him forevermore after what happened between him and Rihanna. But it seemed she forgave him, which is amazingly big of her (not to mention healing) and so the world tried to do the same. But it's clear Chris has some very deep issues that are unresolved because it happened again.

Chris Brown was arrested for felony assault in Washington D.C. in the wee hours of the morning. The incident occurred at 4:30 a.m. outside a swanky hotel.

I'm so disappointed. I wanted him to figure these anger issues out ... even though I don't know the guy and ... ahem ... hope to never piss him off. But it's just sad to see anyone so troubled and it seems every time we turn around there is another incident -- before this one there was that hit and run in May.

Brown is still on probation for the altercation with Rihanna in 2009. And he even recently said how he "learned from it" and that he had to stop acting like a "crazy, wild young guy." But something triggered his anger when he began punching a man outside the W hotel in D.C. earlier today. The cops were called. The man was rushed to the hospital. And Chris is now in custody of the police.

We can look at him and think he has everything -- money, success, talent -- but what does any of that mean when he can't find that inner peace? I also can't help for feel for Rihanna at a time like this. She no doubt will hear about his arrest and it may bring up some difficult emotions. It's not healthy to solve things with your fists. I really hope Brown learns that ... for real.

What do you think of Chris Brown being arrested for assault again? Expected? What do you think could be done to truly help him?


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nonmember avatar Henry manyoni

wts happening 2 ma boy! I thnk he needs some deliverences.

Craft... CraftyJenna

I think he actually needs to go to jail for violating his probabtion over and over again. I am so sick of seeing the rich and famous getting special treatment like there are a whole other set of laws for them. 

Portia Hendrickson

Chris needed an intervention a long time ago, his enablers could not and would not help him in all those clubs and night life. He should have taken the chance to evolve when Rihanna forgave him publicly and used that opportunity to seek help, it is 2013 and yet one is seeing and reading his issues and the hatred of the media and unforgiving public. What about his community service, has he started yet because he is in the studio day and night making music with different folks BUT none of this will help him personally, hearing about his mother and he being angry with her as she is annoyed with the type of friends he continues to hang with. He became the father and caretaker of the Hood, OHB, Karucche and many others who saw him as their meal ticket and turned a blind eye for their lavish and fame to be lifestyle. Chris is a troubled young man after admitting of his encounter at 8yrs of age as it was a normal experience for a child. Jail will not help him unless he gets therapy in there and then no one knows what really took place after that young man stormed into the bus!!

nonmember avatar oldschool

He need God in his life

He is hurting

You don't know the whole story don't judge

nonmember avatar Kslip47

Yes there are a different set of rules for famous people. And yes Chris has issues. However, what is community service going to do for him. How is he supposed to do community service when the community knows who he is. He will not get a moments peace. So many fans will be spoiling him further and giving him attention. So many enemies will take this chance to harm him in some way. What is jail going to do. We all know jail for the rich and famous is just a luxurious form of house arrest. All psychologists will do is dope him up and possibly cause an overdose because they aren't paying attention to the prescriptions they are subscribing him. How would you feel if every mistake you ever made was put on blast on every medium there is and the whole world knows about it. You don't know what happened in any of these events. How are you to judge others with only heresay as your evidence? I am not condoning his actions. In fact I don't feel violence is the best resolution for problems. But I will admit that it is easier saying this with a level head a comfy couch and computer chair and all my secrets safely locked away in a closet. But who's to say I would be as calm when actually faced with such situations. It's like that old saying, "It's easy to talk about death without the Grim Reaper for company..." would you really be so brave to mock death with it staring in your face? Just think about that....

rakkel rakkel

i think he needs to go to jail just like any other person who isnt famous for doing shit like this! so tired of seeing "famous" people get away with everything!

Rick Hamilton III

He needs to spend some time in jail with real criminals, without his bodyguards and then we will see what he's made of. A real man does not hit a lady no matter what she do to him. 90 days in the joint would be good for him.....R.V. Hamilton

flood... flood1971

Inner peace? Don't judge? How about get some brains? Common decency and some character? Why molly coddle people like him? He's a criminal, plain and simple. Get him off the streets already.

flood... flood1971

@Kslip- how many documented arrests does it take for you to say that here is a pattern? Judging? You betcha! I have never been arrested, most decent people haven't, we know better than to beat on people. Which is usually what he gets arrested for. Why don't you take this baby home to your house to heal his wounds? See how it works. My God, what a loser he is, always doing the same crap, but we should feel for him? Cry me a river. Put him away. Period.

Winnie Trini

chris brown should go to jail where he belongs. if this was anyone else they would be serving time already. a woman beater will always be a woman beater. while you're at it, go to hell.

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