Jon Cryer's Ex-Wife Gives Ridiculous Excuse for Demanding Insane Amount of Child Support

jon cryerJon Cryer is a very wealthy man. He makes a fantastically good living off of Two and a Half Men to the tune of $2 million a month. Yet he's only paying his ex-wife, Sarah Trigger, $8,000 in child support each month for their son, Charlie. Is that fair? Trigger certainly doesn't think so. And she's asking Cryer for more money. A lot more. Cryer's ex is demanding that he pay her almost $90,000 a month in child support so the couple's high school-aged son can keep up with his peers' lavish lifestyles.

Fair or straight-up poppycock?

In the legal petition that she's filed, Trigger wrote: "Currently, I am unemployed. Petitioner is highly successful actor who I believe earns approximately $2,000,000 per month." Trigger, who shares 50-50 custody of Charlie with Cryer, added: "Currently, Charlie experiences two different lifestyles depending on which parent he is with. Fifty percent of the time Charlie is able to compete with his peers on a level playing field and the other fifty percent of the time Charlie is not able to compete on a level playing field." She then went on to note that she doesn't have the cash flow for elaborate parties, fancy summer camps, extracurricular activities, or exotic vacations.

Now, I'm a little confused here. While I do think that Cryer can afford to fork over more than $8,000 a month in child support, considering his astronomical salary, I don't see how Charlie's life could be all that different when he's with his mother compared to when he's with his father. I mean, if Charlie wanted to go on a trip with friends, or have a fancy party, couldn't he just ask his father to foot the bill? I can't really see the need for Trigger to get almost $90,000 a month in order for her son to not feel left out. He isn't with her 100% of the time. She and Cryer have joint custody, so this isn't really adding up for me.

While it's a knee-jerk reaction to call this woman an insane gold-digger, I can't say I think she's completely out of line asking for more money in child support. But her argument for doing so isn't making all that much sense. I can't imagine her son, who goes to a fancy private school and has an incredibly famous father, feels like an outcast very often.

Also, Trigger is asking Cryer pay her attorney fees.

What do you think an appropriate amount would be for Cryer to pay in child support?


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linzemae linzemae

What the hell! If I had 8k a month I'd feel like the richest person on the planet!

Daisy... DaisyJupes

She may have a point if the father is anything like my mother and won't help the son with anything when he's with his mom, because it's her responsibility when he's with her. In that case, it's almost "punishing" the son. Yes, this is a "first world problem" but it could be mentally harming their son. Frequently changing houses is bad enough, but changing financial situations so drastically would be even worse.

adamat34 adamat34

Hmmmmmm I would be thrilled with 8gs a month. Seems like a gold digger....Maybe a little more is warranted...but 90gs?!?!?!

Omg.....just no.

work4... work4mickey

Oh, the poor rich kid may not be rich enough when he's with his mom. Boo hoo. *eye roll* I can't imagine what he could need while with his mom that is more than $8000 a month. Child support is for him, not her. I'm sure she gets alimony in addition (unless she remaried), so I'm sure this is straight up gold digging.


Sarah Trigger is a nut wing.Years ago they had to shut down the set of 2 and half men because of her threats towards Jon. I thought if you had joint custody there wasn't child support.

T.M. T.M.

Cryer is paying plenty. The mother needs to get over herself! Based on this article, Charlie doesn't seem to be "suffering" because of his mother's unemployment status. If he is though, then she needs to get a job!!

Belinda Lubin

She's not trying to maintain her son's lifestyle, she's trying to maintain her own.  It doesn't matter how much your ex is making, what matters is the cost of raising the child and how much each parent is responsible for contributing.  If they have 50-50 custody and he's already giving her $8,000 a month, I have a hard time believing that is not enough to cover the expense of caring for him.  And she  She's broke and looking for a hand definitely doesn't need an additional $72,000 a month.  Many people make less than that in a year with more than one child and do just fine.  She's unemployed, probably broke, and looking for a handout from her ex.  


I just read more about this and he was forced to pay the 8k even though he had more than joint ,because the judge thought it would be better for the kid .This woman has been found unfit before.  Her husband found marks around the neck of their son made with a rope or a cord.No child should be in her care.

xreds... xredstarsx

Honestly if the kid were younger I would get it a bit more. But he is old enough that if he wants something he can just ask his dad for it. And I'm sure his dad is paying for his private school and anything else he needs so the mother is just being greedy. Especially if she gets alimony too.

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