Walking Dead' Sneak Peek: 'Isolation' Puts Our Favorite Characters In Terrible Danger (VIDEO)

Walking DeadOooh, Walking Dead fans, this Sunday's episode looks CRAZY. We know our survivors are battling a number of dangerous elements, including the ubiquitous walkers, a contagious disease, and a mysterious someone inside the prison who isn't exactly feeling like waiting to see whether or not the disease is survivable -- and based on the promos for "Isolation," it looks like everything's going to get cranked up several notches this week.

If you want to remain completely spoiler-free for Sunday's Walking Dead, read no further! Otherwise, take a look at the heart-pounding promo clips AMC has released, both of which show our gang in serious dire straits.


The first clip shows Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, and new guy Bob Stookey out on a supply run when they get into some walker trouble. And by "some" I mean "a whole crapload." Check it out:

Yeah, that would be a big-ass HERD of zombies. (Props to Daryl for not crashing the car like Lori did that one time.) I'm guessing this scene leads to the moment we saw in the extended Comic-Con preview where Tyreese is attacking walkers with a complete lack of regard for his own safety, since we now know he's all broken up about finding Karen's crispy-critter corpse.

Also, what's that the mysterious voice on the radio all about?

If you were wondering whether the viral outbreak is still a problem, that would be a yes. Take a look at poor Sasha, whose sickly search for Dr. S is interrupted by someone who presumably turned after succumbing to the disease:

Man, our prison community has all kinds of problems, don't they? Speaking of, SpoilerTV says that "Isolation" will definitely reveal who burned Karen and David at the end of last week's show:

I will say that you will get a strong hint of it by the middle of this week's episode. And it`s confirmed by the very end of the episode this week who did it.

How excited are you for the next Walking Dead episode?

Image via AMC

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