'True Blood' Fans Will Love New '50 Shades' Casting News

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HoldLuke Grimes onto your twitchy palms, ladies. We have some more major Fifty Shades of Grey casting news! And no, Charlie Hunnam is NOT back as Mr. Grey! Nor has Jamie Dornan left the set. Nope. What we've got here is news about another big role in the movie that has finally been cast. Are you ready? It's Christian Grey's brother, Elliot! So who will get to act in Jamie Dornan's kinky shadow? His name is Luke Grimes and he looks totally like he could be Jamie's brother! (Though since they're adopted this doesn't quite matter, thank you dear readers.)

Grimes is a regular on True Blood, where he plays Wes. So at least Fifty fans finally got some blood in the action, because I know they were so hoping for Alexander Skarsgard. Hey, maybe he'll visit the set and give Jamie some pointers?

Luke looks a tad like a young Johnny Depp, and he definitely looks like he could be related to Jamie, so it seems like the right fit. E.L. James has yet to weigh in on the casting, but no doubt this bit of news won't be nearly so controversial as Christian Grey's casting. Half of you are probably like, "Christian Grey has a brother?" Right?

But Luke is a fast rising actor, who has no less than five films he's worked on this year -- with Fifty, make it six!

Now since Elliot winds up having a fling with Anastasia's best friend Kate (so I just read two minutes ago, anyway), it will be important that whoever is cast in that role have chemistry with Luke. An early fan fav for the role of Kate was Blake Lively, but that's not gonna happen! It'll be interesting to see who they pick though. So far, it's been up-and-comers, NOT established stars.

Which is probably for the best.

Do you like Luke as Elliot?

Image via Joe Kohen/Getty/HBO

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Pat Molina-Thompson

PERFECT!!  Although he is to be several years older than Christian, I think he can pull that off!  I think Blake Lively is too old for this role.  She is suppose to be barely 22 like Anastasia!

nonmember avatar lil_mama

Dude, who cares if they look alike and can pass as brothers. They were adopted (according to the book). He is hot though... but not the blonde haired blued eyed Elliott. Elliott was supposed to be outgoing and whatnot.. this guy seems like more the relaxed kick back person. That doesn't mean he can't act it.

nonmember avatar Christina

Perfect! Now for Taylor? I can see Dwyane Johnston or Vin Diesel. Both have that stoic look that's Taylor. If you don't believe me watch Fast 5 for both of them in one movie together to see that or The Pacifier for Vin and GI Joe Retaliation for Dwyane.

Car E Cald

Loving the casting so far!!!! perfect!!!!   

Chariecea Lloyd

Who Cares! 75% of the female population that's who. I love it he was great in Brothers and Sisters and he will be in this, finally its coming together

nonmember avatar alyssa

wIll they just cast Jason Statham as Taylor already?! we ALL know that Jason was born to play TAYLOR !!!

Nicole Savage Foley

Elliot according to the book is tall with wide shoulders curly blond hair and light wickedly gleaming eyes and older than christian NOT THIS GUY AT ALL

Amy Reindl

Um, since they were both adopted, they don't need to look alike. But it's still great casting. ;)

Judy Maurin

I don't watch these shows so these guys are new to me. Luke Grimes resembles Doran but I hope it's just the pics you pulled because he looks to dark and down and tired to be Elliot. Elliot was full of enrgy, upbeat and handsome not gaunt with tired eyes! I hope he has the energy to play Elliot.AND may I just say......i'm glad to have these opportunities to vent. Because once the Movie is released I totally INTEND to stop analyzing, wishin' and hopin' and plannin' and dreamin'. I am going to sit down, accept what is offered and not have too many expectations!


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