8 Reasons '50 Shades of Grey' Is a Truly Romantic Love Story

Maressa Brown | Oct 26, 2013 Movies
8 Reasons '50 Shades of Grey' Is a Truly Romantic Love Story

Ever since Fifty Shades of Grey hit it big, it's been panned and dismissed by critics as "mommy porn." And admittedly, the first thing people who haven't read the series think of when they hear the name is, well, sex. But it's actually about a lot more than that ... 

“Regardless of what you may think of the writing, this is a modern love story, involving complex characters, and that’s what I’m interested in,” screenwriter Kelly Marcel told Style magazine back in January. And E.L. James defended her series by explaining what she thinks has drawn a following: "It’s the love story. Women like to read a passionate love story. There is sex, but as the books go on, the sex changes as the relationship changes. You see the evolution of it.”

Here, eight reasons these ladies are right -- at the heart of Fifty Shades is true romance ...

What's your favorite romantic part of the Fifty Shades series?


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  • 8 Reasons '50 Shades of Grey' Is a Truly Romantic Love Story


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  • Generous, thoughtful gifting


    Christian proves his love for Anastasia by buying her a first-edition copy of her favorite book Tess of D'urbervilles worth thousands of dollars. Aww!

  • The romancing of Anastasia Steele

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    Christian wants to impress his lady love with fancy-shmancy dates, like flying her to Seattle in his Charlie Tango helicopter, treating her to fine wine, and taking her to “chase the dawn” by going gliding.

  • Knight in shining armor

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    Christian transforms into Ana's knight in shining armor on multiple occasions -- saving her from Jose's unrelenting, unrequited kisses and stepping it up a notch when she needs help fighting her creepo boss Jack Hyde.

  • Sweet emotional attachment


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    Christian has never really had an emotional attachment to any of his other subs, but it's different with Ana. He tells her that his life's mission is to spoil her and keep her safe because he loves her and even gets sappy in the heat of the moment, telling her, "You. Are. So. Sweet."

  • Ana heals Christian's broken heart.

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    Ana is able to break down the walls Christian puts up around him due to his abusive childhood -- becoming the first girlfriend to touch his chest where he has scars and call him by his first name. In turn, Christian opens up and softens up for the woman he loves. Ultimately, he tells Ana in Fifty Shades Freed that she has the key to to his "heart and soul."

  • Fun flirtation


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    For as much hot, serious sex as these two have, they also indulge in light-hearted, fun flirting (usually over email).

  • Hearts & flowers


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    While Christian swore up and down that he was no "hearts and flowers man," he falls for Ms. Steele so hard that he ends up giving her exactly that -- his heart and plenty of flowers!

  • They're soul mates.


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    Once Ana and Christian connect, they're not only infatuated with one another, but they're monogamous -- and even end up married. Nothing says true love like swearing off spanking with other people, right? 

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