'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik & Kris Jenner's 'Relationship' Just Got Even More Bizarre

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Ben Flajnik & Kris Jenner

The first time I heard about them hanging out together, I was all, "What the hell? How on earth did these two find each other?" And now that former Bachelor Ben Flajnik and Kris Jenner attended a Kanye West concert together, I really have no idea what to say about their relationship other than the fact that it scares the hell out of me.

And I guess it's possible that they really are just pals and Kris thought it would be a nice gesture to invite Ben to come along with her crew to the concert, but if there's nothing fishy going on between them -- why does it seem like she had qualms about posting photos of the two of them together at the show?

She shared this photo of herself and a friend named John on Instagram, and wasn't afraid to admit Ben was there too in her caption:

"Fun night @johneddy83 here we go YEEZUS tour. #oaktown @benflajnik"

Kris Jenner

Odd, right? For whatever reason, it just seems strange that she didn't snap a shot with Ben too. I mean, if they're nothing more than buddies -- what's the big deal?

I don't know why -- but I really feel like there is more going on here than meets the eye, especially after seeing these photos of Kris and Ben at the concert looking a bit on the chummy side. OMG. They're sitting awfully close together in a couple of those pics -- to the point where she's kind of all leaned up on top of him. Totally bizarre, right?!? (Wonder if they knew there were cameras around?)

I know there are plenty of older women who date much younger men in Hollywood, but the idea of Kris and Ben being a thing just seems so ... creepy and also really random.

And supposedly Ben has a girlfriend he's been dating for a few months, but if that's the case -- what the heck is he doing hanging out with Kris Jenner instead of her?

The plot thickens. Personally, I can't wait to see where these two turn up together next.

Do you think there is anything romantic going on between Kris and Ben?


Images via Pacific Coast News; Image via Instagram

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adamat34 adamat34

I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Shes trash.

nonmember avatar kolbi wyvon

i like all the kardashians whats the big deal she can have friends that are guys she deserves to have fun

nonmember avatar Jade Williams

Who the hell cares?shes a single woman now!let her have some fun!theybare both adults!jesus christ!

Barbaralynn Gray

kris jenner need to sit ha old wanna b young ass down

Kelly Harper

I love the girls but Kris needs to realize she is not one of them she needs to act her age I feel sorry for Bruce!

Bev Lake

she should pick someone her own age  !!!

Melissa Lord

here comes the next 1 4 her to shit on n make feel like dog shit god help him

nonmember avatar soleil

she is pathetic.. she needs to act her age.. not try to be her daughters age.. has some issues to deal with.. sad.. Ben&Kris.. com the f*ck on!

Sue Starling Higginbotham

i have recently watched all the episodes of the kardashians and i have to say i had  a great admiration of them and i can see how its hard to live under a microscope.. but after that i found out that kris and bruce is on the splits.. well sadly i thought this was coming only cause what i seen of her actions on the shows. im sure alot of those shows could be for tV only.. and we dont see the real life ... but i really had a feeling Kris was having a 7 year itch.. and is ready to mingle.. but seriously with some one that could be her son.. ok call me old fashion cause i am...out of all the family i friended all on FB and such but Kris and i made that decision before her seperation only cause i find her too much about herself reguardless of her so called actions about she is all about family. its all about Kris and how she wants control over everyone. but wish her the best of luck if she did something to Bruce all i can say is Karma is a beotch!  As for Ben .. good luck the boy is out for a sugar mama to make his self popular i am disappointed in his actions to use tv to make a name for hisself on the bachelor pfft on both 

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