Tom Hanks Makes Autistic Fan's Day in Super Sweet Backstage Encounter (VIDEOS)

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Tom Hanks is a rock star. Ok, he’s a movie star, and Broadway star, but in my book right now, he’s a rock star too. He totally rocks in some super sweet videos showing his backstage encounter with an Autistic fan.

Sarah Moretti is a huge fan of Hanks, and according to a series of videos published on YouTube in March (that are just now making the scene), the star invited her backstage when he was permorning in Lucky Guy on Broadway for a chat and autographs. But he made it so special for her!

Sarah had scrapbooks filled with pictures and articles about Hanks, and he absolutely gushed over them. “Look how young I used to be!” He exclaimed. He made her feel like a total princess. “Sweetie, how wonderful is it to meet you? I love meeting you,” he told her.

Sarah looks like she’s on cloud nine. She’s all smiles and giggles, and you can tell that her idol did not disappoint.

Take a look at a couple of the videos. I dare you not to tear up at the super sweetness of it all.

Does this make you fall in love with Tom Hanks? Or Sarah Moretti? Both? Me too.


Image via Rita Abraham/YouTube


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adamat34 adamat34 know hollywood isn't all drug addicts and racit tmz. BRAVO Mr Hanks.

nonmember avatar KDHT

He is and always will be the classiest guy in Hollywood. How can anyone not love him??

hexxuss hexxuss

Spot on KDHT - spot on.  He's just a class act - period.

Ember... Emberbaby

He's always been amazing! Love him!

nonmember avatar Jen

As the mother of a child with autism, this made me cry... THANK YOU Tom Hanks!!!! You just made me fall in love with you too!!

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