'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Stefan's Amnesia Brings Him Dangerously Close to Elena

nina dobrev & Paul Wesley Sometimes The Vampire Diaries is almost so complicated we have considered making a chart. Other times, it's so simple and heartfelt that we remember just why exactly it entranced us so many years ago. Lucky for all of us, tonight's episode fell in the latter category. While I was initially totally worried that the whole Stefan-Has-Amnesia story-line was a sign of some shark-jumpage, it has actually served to bring the show back to its roots.

And by roots I mean Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert's red-hot chemistry. Me-ow! Speaking of chemistry, maybe it's just Paul Wesley bringing that old fashioned pants-wand magic. Because the dude and Caroline Forbes seem to be inching ever closer to bang-town -- population them. Steroline fans rejoice! 


Damon Salvatore spent this episode as he has several lately: Playing nursemaid. He's trying to jog Stefan's memory, he's trying to break the news of Bonnie Bennett's death to his girlfriend, he's saving lives, he's sassing youths. As amnesiac Stefan points out -- he's dangerously close to being the boring brother. 

Maybe that's why Elena was so captivated with Stefan and his throbbing pectorals. Even my straight brother who has seen roughly two minutes of this show before observed, "Dude, I don't know what's going on but this guy has soooo much more charisma than last week." He was not wrong. As they walk down memory lane, Elena and Stefan's attraction is effin' palpable, son! Eventually when he learns that Elena ditched him for Damon, he sasses off, but not before burning all his vampire diaries (:(:() and mortally wounding Caroline's hook-up buddy Jesse. 

I was all ready to point out how this show kills off every black character that graces its screen...until Jesse was turned into a vampire. Oh what the hell, I'll say it anyway: You guys. They kill off every black character! Jesse is a vampire now, sure, but how did he get that way? By being killed by a white guy. If you are black avoid Mystic Falls, or at least this show's writer's room.

Caroline and Stefan held tender hands and were so close to smooching I nearly screamed my throat out. Unfortunately, stupid dead Bonnie's funeral put a pin in that -- because now dumb-Tyler is back. Does this put Bonnie in a love triangle of Stefan, Tyler, and the new baby vamp, Jesse. In the words of George Takei -- Oh My.

Do you think the show is intentionally racist, or just thoughtless? If you aren't feeling up to that debate -- how much do you want Elena and Stefan to get it on again? SO MUCH, RIGHT? Tell me in the comments.

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