Kylie Jenner Acts Like a ‘Nightmare’ at Hotel

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Ohhh, yikes, is Kylie Jenner, the quiet one, turning into a Kardashian diva to rival big sis Kim? Gossips have it that Kylie, only 16, and her boyfriend, Jaden Smith, a mere 15, checked into a luxury Beverly Hills hotel. Eeeesh, REAAALLY? Don't worry, the teens were with a group of pals -- but still. Then, the underage teens supposedly demanded booze and bottle service from hotel employees, but when they were denied, the littlest Kardashian pulled the old "Don't you know who I am?!" Hey, Kylie, that doesn't even work for Reese Witherspoon!

The hotel spy dishes:

She was a complete nightmare. She started out really nice. But when she didn't get what she wanted, it was like someone flipped a switch.

Then she supposedly went on to say that the hotel was "not worth [her] time" and "f**ing lame." Oh my. Such words.

But Kylie isn't taking these kinds of rumors tweeting down. She took to the social network to defend herself, saying:

This particular tweet was in regards to some other rumors about Kylie & Co. carousing at nightclubs. Which of course she never did. She added:

Hey, Kylie, I believe you. Anyway, that whole "Don't you know who I am?!" thing. Total cliche. Avoid. (For those also wondering, Kylie here must be referring to her half-brother Brandon and his wife, Leah -- for a second, I thought Kylie was drunk.)

Do you think Kylie was out partying and trying to get booze? Is she turning into her older sisters?

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adamat34 adamat34

Im thinking they all behave like this.....just saying.

Charles Almon

I heard she pooped and didn't wipe herself!

nonmember avatar Codyl

Sounds like a made up story.

Baile... Bailey8307

Kind of off topic but do you really expect her to clarify "half brother" rather than just saying brother? I have half siblings and they are just my brother and sister to me. It is hurtful when people try to make me clarify or minimize their relation to me.

lizilli lizilli

It seems to me that she is exactly the girl her mother raised her to be, entitled and arrogant, without one sliver of restraint or respect.      Amirite?

Sheri Anne

Kylie is a spoiled rotten brat..Your 15 years old and walk around like everyone owes you something...You need to realize that your just a child and know your role when you in a places that do NOT sell to minors...You need to also show respect to anyone older then you..You stil have not been taught how to respect adults.

Not sure why you want to grow up so fast.. ENJOY YOUR teenage years you can never get  them back;;;Also be nice oif you to lose the uge chip on your shoulder.

blank stare


nonmember avatar jojo

these girls are a mess..and where is kris when all this is going on..does she even care..she is too far up kimmy azzzzzzzzz..bruce should be happy is it out of this mess

sexym... sexymom37

To me she is a spoiled brat and feels like she entitled. Even if she was there at they club to support her brother and sister-in-law they shouldn't have let her in because she is under 21 years old.  I am getting so tired of the who Jenner and Kardashian clan.

hexxuss hexxuss

They're growing up exactly how their parents raised them to be.  I sure wouldn't be letting MY teenager flip off cameras, no matter who was taking the picture (just one example).  Just look at the ridiculous shoes they got for X-Mas.  It's one thing to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth, it's quite another to have it shoved there by greedy parents.

lalab... lalaboosh

Why is she yellow like that? Hepatitis? Lol! Can't she afford makeup that is skin colored?

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