Kylie Jenner Acts Like a ‘Nightmare’ at Hotel

Ohhh, yikes, is Kylie Jenner, the quiet one, turning into a Kardashian diva to rival big sis Kim? Gossips have it that Kylie, only 16, and her boyfriend, Jaden Smith, a mere 15, checked into a luxury Beverly Hills hotel. Eeeesh, REAAALLY? Don't worry, the teens were with a group of pals -- but still. Then, the underage teens supposedly demanded booze and bottle service from hotel employees, but when they were denied, the littlest Kardashian pulled the old "Don't you know who I am?!" Hey, Kylie, that doesn't even work for Reese Witherspoon!


The hotel spy dishes:

She was a complete nightmare. She started out really nice. But when she didn't get what she wanted, it was like someone flipped a switch.

Then she supposedly went on to say that the hotel was "not worth [her] time" and "f**ing lame." Oh my. Such words.

But Kylie isn't taking these kinds of rumors tweeting down. She took to the social network to defend herself, saying:

This particular tweet was in regards to some other rumors about Kylie & Co. carousing at nightclubs. Which of course she never did. She added:

Hey, Kylie, I believe you. Anyway, that whole "Don't you know who I am?!" thing. Total cliche. Avoid. (For those also wondering, Kylie here must be referring to her half-brother Brandon and his wife, Leah -- for a second, I thought Kylie was drunk.)

Do you think Kylie was out partying and trying to get booze? Is she turning into her older sisters?

Image via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

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