Jamie Dornan Beats Out Other Studs for Christian Grey Role Despite Being ‘Fat’ (VIDEO)

Jamie Dornan

Well, it's official. Jamie Dornan is replacing Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey -- and everyone is flipping OUT. Some are happy, some are pissed, and some are saying ... Jamie who?

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and get to the bottom of this. And I was SHOCKED by what I found out:

What do you think about Jamie as Christian Grey? Are you shocked that fans are giving him a hard time?

Image via Stephanie Cardinale/Corbis

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sweet... sweetcherry_59

I think he's an amazing actor and extremely capable of playing Christian. I was really disappointed they killed off his character on Once Upon a Time because he is definitely not hard on the eyes.

As for the backlash.....the same thing happened when Twilight was first cast, all of these bored women were throwing fits and bitching on the internet because Robert didn't fit who they had pictured in THEIR heads to play Edward. It will pass and they will be screaming and crying the same way they did when Twilight came out.

nonmember avatar CCWinther

This guy looks like a slightly older bordingschool guy. Nothing screams ALFA MALE about him. Just blend...
However i have desided to give the movie a try ... as he might surprise me.
I do wonder about E.l.s taste in men though. All the contenders have been scoolkids in my book. Many of them have resently played teenagers for crying out loud. This guy looks like he could play a frat guy too. E.L. wrote that CG is 27 year but looks older because he has the weight of the world (and his past) on his schoulders. E.L. I DONT GET YOU AT ALL ...

Wendy Brackett

Nope not Christian. Won't be seeing the movie cause the two main characters the actors that r portraying them aren't what the book describes.

elena... elenacalif

Very excited !! Finally the movie is going to be done Jamie Dornan is sexy talented actor     


Karen Andes

Disappointed again! Neither actor playing the main characters fits! I still say Christian Bales would be a good C. Gray! E.L. James needs to write more books in the series instead of trying to make a movie!

ShayL... ShayLayne

He is very sexy but he needs to bulk up a little! yes he has a gorgeous body but he looks small in photos

Maureen Jones

He's not what i expected for the part of Christian,but i still would of liked to see Ian Somerhaulder in that part,i'll still give it a go,i just hope it's as good as the books or i'm gonna be dissapointed....

nonmember avatar Lori

As much asI would like to see Ian play the part, he is a busy man with many things on his plate. I think Jamie fits the part alot better than Charlie, no matter who is picked there will still others upset with the choice.

nonmember avatar Angelica

No not a good fit. I hated seeing all the complaints about charlie and now i turned into one. I personally don't like this pick. but good luck hope he changes my mind when the movie cones out.

nonmember avatar Ashlee Castillo

Ugh sooooo. Disappointed! Nothing what the book describes I look at him n just first reaction is ehh normal looking man. Handsome yea but not the type that would stop me in my train of thought. N turn my brain to mush.... hope they really rethink this.

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