Tori Spelling Can’t Afford What?!?

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tori spellingYou guys, Tori Spelling has totally become poor. Spelling is spilling on the terrible financial strain of not being super-duper rich anymore. Now she's just regular rich, and it hurts! She sold her mansion at a loss, Tori & Dean has been canceled, the children are wearing (shudder) hand-me-downs, and Tori hasn't bought herself a new handbag in three whole years. Worst of all, Tori's business manager told her they couldn't afford to get Dean a vasectomy.

Wait -- what? These people have four children. I think it's the other way around. Dean can't afford NOT to get a vasectomy! What else can Tori and Dean not afford now?

1. Sperm.

2. Viable egg cells.

3. A pony.

4. Thinking about babies.

5. All the purses.

6. "Pulling out."

7. Luxury hotel accommodations.

8. Intravenous Nutella.

9. Looking at babies.

10. Waldorf beeswax crayons.

12. Selling anything at a loss.

13. New clothes for the younger siblings.

14. Peering into the Jacadi windows.

15. Watching cute baby videos on YouTube.

16. Sleeping in the same bed as Dean.

17. Getting a mani-pedi before any medical procedure.

18. Medical procedures that aren't life-saving (or life-preventing).

19. Disagreeing with Candy about anything ever again.

20. Re-thinking the powder room wallpaper.

21. Buying Robert Pattinson's house (too late, I just made an offer on it anyway).

22. Paying someone else to drive you in your own car.

23. Kobe beef.

24. Kobe Bryant as a dinner guest.

25. More babies.

“It’s not my fault I’m an uptown girl stuck in a midtown life," Tori says. "I was raised in opulence. My standards are ridiculously high. We can’t afford that lifestyle, but when you grow up silver spoon, it’s hard to go plastic." Aw Tori, seriously, it always sucks to downsize, no matter where you are in the food chain. Hang in there. You're a smart and funny woman -- we're sure you'll figure it out.

Have you ever had to downsize your lifestyle?


Image via torianddean/Instagram

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adamat34 adamat34

Havent we all in this economy?

I dont.feel bad for her. There are families with nothing. Stop whining Tori. Count the many blessings you do have.

doodledo doodledo

Give me a break, I really doubt they are unable to afford a vasectomy. Their health insurance may even cover it. A vasectomy is typically cheaper than an abortion, and hundreds of thousands cheaper than having a child. I am sure Tori could sell a couple of her old Hermes bags on ebay to cover the cost of a vasectomy. Or ask her daddy for a lian.

My husband will be soon getting a vasectomy, and we will pay out of pocket. We are not millionaires.

abra819 abra819

haha...I love Tori! and I LOVED Tori and Dean!! I have no doubt though that she has that spoiled brat mentality though.

LeeshaE LeeshaE

@doodledo Tori's dad died in 2006 and she didn't make out too well in the will

Leele... Leelee1008

I love Tori spelling..

faith... faith2009123

Why have four babies? She is a spoiled brat! Has she heard of "the pill "? Dumb blonde!

GirlW... GirlWithANikon

I think this is poor journalism or a lie. They can afford a vasectomy I know everyday people who pay for them out of pocket. Also she had enough money to start with I am sure she still has some she can change her areas of investments to more profitable areas. And she could get some sort of job lol.

Maeclark Maeclark

She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Not her fault that she is use to that kind of living. Have you heard some of her childhood stories. Her Mom use to throw her these ridiculous birthday parties and I am talking spending more on one party then most of us spend in our life time. It was how she was raised. She was never taught the value of a dollar why would they when her Dad was worth millions.  Nothing wrong with her admitting that she is struggling now. As for the babies she only has four nothing wrong with that and she does have a job she is an author as well as a designer. 

Vickie Whitecotton

Sorry, but when you are as well off as she is, you don't whine about your poverty.  What an insult to those of us who are truly struggling.  Selfish, self absorbed, ungrateful idiot. 

Rebekah Jenkins Reynolds

Excuses, excuses! Count your blessings, put your family first,people change all the time-who cares how you were raised!

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