Robert Pattinson's Misery Is Written All Over His Sad Face

robert pattinsonRobert Pattinson must have heard that Kristen Stewart was all smiles and thumbs ups at a gas station recently, because, according to sources, he was a giant pouty pants when he was out with friends in Los Angeles he other night.

After seeing Rob out at the Soho House, a tipster reported:

"He looked depressed. He was sitting outside with a few guys smoking, and was just slumped over ... He was wearing a baseball hat and wasn’t really talking to his friends. He was there for a couple of hours. He also looked bored."

Depressed? Bored? Smoking? Baseball cap?! What's going with our beloved Rob? That sounds more like a description of Kristen than RPattz. Could he be ... brooding over Kristen? Nah, can't be! He's been linked to a series of other women since the demise of Robsten. I'm thinking one of these things is the reason Rob's frown can't turn upside-down:

-He's sad that Breaking Bad is over.

-He just heard who was recast in Fifty Shades.

-He just found out that pumpkin spice lattes are only going to be around for a few more weeks.

-He's just "having a day."

-His laptop shutdown before he saved.

-His favorite singer was eliminated from The Voice.

-He and Taylor Lautner just got into a dumb fight over nothing.

-He's misunderstood.

-He's misunderstanding the people he's with and it's frustrating.

-Urban Outfitters didn't have the t-shirt he wanted in his size.

Or, you know, he's just not over Mrs. Pouty Pants herself, KStew.

Yeah. That's probably it.

Why do you think Rob is depressed?

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nonmember avatar Katie

Nah, he just still hasn't recovered from how much he hates Twilight.

Guy-Julie Janssen-Jeffery

He and Kristen can meet at his home and discuss how they make it together

Nancy Wentworth

WISH,   ROB, would go on with the new movie, as its MIDNIGHT SUN, told by him.we the fans that loved TWIGHT, the saga. i donot believe   rob ,HATED THE STORYS.   he just disliked,  what it did for there private lives.  i do believe  hes sad,on the breakup , as he always loved her, more then she did him, til to late.....

nonmember avatar Kim

He's probably trying to figure out what he wants to do with his relationship with Kristen Stewart

Joyce Morrow

rob go get kristen


Nancy Müller

Robert should go back to Kristen and then both are happily reunited ....
everyone deserves a second chance and makes you happy .... not the separation of the two

Linda Kimpton Murrell

because he can't go anywhere without being followed it's enough to make anyone depressed 

nonmember avatar Forever!

He's probabbly upset because of Kristen..hoping not to bump into her..or maybe wishing she was there with him

Isis Castro Valles

robert soy yo nuevamente isis tu fans peruana , mira cariño no vale la pena que malgastes tu vida por una chica que no te supo valorar habiendo tantas chicas que quicieran estar contigo , si tu no qquieres darle una oportunidad entoces voltea la pagina y sigue con tu vida que el mundo no se acaba tan solo por que una mujer te ha traiciondo tu vales mil veses mas que cualquier hombre todavia eres muy joven y cuanto menos te lo esperes llegara una chica que te valore ,te respete y ame sobre todas las cosas . TE QUIERO MUCHO ROBERT Y SIEMPRE VOY A DESEARTE LO MEJOR 

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