Tom Cruise Ex Reveals Still More Shocking Scientology Secrets

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Nazanin BoniadiLet's talk about Tom Cruise. Because, say what you will about his batsh*t crazy shenanigans, it's kinda tough not to like the guy (is it that smile??), and so, despite said shenanigans, we just keep on caring about what he does. Besides, no matter what he does, he does it so damn entertaining-ly! Like auditioning girlfriends, for example. At least that's what ex-Scientologist Marc Headley says Cruise did in his new book Blown for Good: Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology, and I'm inclined to believe his story, especially the part about what happened when Cruise's ex, Iranian-born Homeland actress Nazanin Boniadi, found out about the dozens of hopefuls who "tried out" for the real-life role of (maybe) Mrs. Tom Cruise.

Apparently Headley wrote about watching the audition tapes in Chapter 28 of his book, which Boniadi read before running into the author at a wedding party in 2010 -- where she approached Headley:

“This girl wants to know all about these audition tape ... She’s like, ‘When did this take place?’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t know, November, December 2004' ... She starts crying, gets up, and runs out of the room. She was going out with Tom Cruise in December of 2004 -- we were still auditioning girls then. That was Naz. That was the first time I ever met Naz ... Based on her reaction, she was in love with the dude.”

Ouch. That must've stung -- though probably not as bad as when Cruise reportedly enlisted a third party to dump Boniadi because she was neither "affectionate" nor "famous" enough (Scientology big shot David Miscavige reportedly didn't care for her very much, either). And I bet the breakup was nowhere near as degrading as the "punishment" Boniadi allegedly received for telling a pal about the relationship's demise (and thusly breaking a signed confidentiality agreement): She was (again, allegedly) forced to clean bathrooms with acid (?!) and dig ditches in the middle of the night.

YIKES. Between Leah Remini's very unflattering Scientology testimonial, the now infamous Katie Holmes departure, and this new book, Scientology could be in serious trouble. 

PS: If I mysteriously "disappear" after this post is published, don't be surprised.

Are you shocked to hear about Tom Cruise's alleged girlfriend audition tapes?

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Kate Cooley

Funnily enough, I find it very easy to dislike him. He comes off very phony, he's clearly off his bird and he's been playing the same character since the 80s.

Baile... Bailey8307

I agree he's easy not to like. I had heard about the auditioning girlfriends and the comments about antidepressants he made years back really ticked me off too.  What more can you expect from a religion that's based on science fiction novels? It's a cult plain and simple.

adamat34 adamat34


Funny, he didnt make a peep about the divorce.

He knew Katie would destroy him with secrets.

nonmember avatar greatkate

I wish I could understand how people join this cult voluntarily.

nonmember avatar JustSensible

LMAO: How can a Scientology church be a cult, when people come and go as the please, then they write books about it and give TV interviews to promote their departure. As for Tom, after being trapped by K-Ho with pregnancy; their divorce is the best thing that could have happened. Man, even Oprah warned him not to fall for a knocked-up'd trash. REMEMBER MEN, JUST B/C THE SKANK GOT KNOCKED-UP DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO MARRY IT!

nonmember avatar me

I find cults very interesting. Looking in from the outside its very easy to say that you should pass on the koolaid. But I think its facinating how some people get very invested in them, abandoning previous relationships, family etc. Anyways, I dont find anything he or scientology do unbelievable. Both him and the head honchos there are egotistical maniacs. I did have a huge crush on him growing up though lol that was like 20 y ago though, interview with the vampire era.

adopt... adoption2013

I find it easy to not like a man who behaves this way.  I'd heard about this before.  Alienating his older children from their mother doesn't exactly put him on the top of my nice guy list either.

flood... flood1971

@ JustSensible- what are you? 5? The skank? So, good enough to fuck, but garbage in your eyes one way or another, cause that's a woman for you!? Trapped, you call it. Your hatred for women is obvious, your lack of IQ and EQ concerning. I hope you are no womans partner, or that you are anyone's father. There is no need to shout your dumb sentiments in print. You are proof evolution of the mind doesn't always happen.

grous... grousseau

Flood 1971,I love your response. I could not have said it better, myself. That being said, I do like Toms movies. As for his religion, I believe everyone has a right to their own faith. Whatever it may be. I may not like it or understand it. That does not give me the right to judge it. As for the alleged tapes...he is a very busy Not that I am saying anything like he is royal or anything like it. There are many royal families and countries were the spouse is chosen. I know a few woman that ment their husbands at the wedding. How is that any differant? Weird for you or me,yes. But not weird for many people.

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