Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Weight Gain Is Finally Revealed

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kim kardashian pregnantI don't know about you, but here at The Stir, there was pah-lenty of talk about how much weight our Kimmy gained during her pregnancy. Don't get me wrong -- we weren't judging. I mean, let she who has gained the most stones cast the first stone and all that. (Heh, see what I did there? Stone = 14 pounds body weight ...) Anyhoo, we were dying to know just because it's hard to tell. Kim's only 5-foot-3, so 30 pounds on her is going to look different from 30 pounds on a taller woman. Still ... it looked like a lot. And we were feeling for her. And morbidly curious. But we wonder no longer! In the print version of People, Kim Kardashian revealed her baby weight gain, the big number, the reveal we wanted to see almost more than Nori herself. Are you ready?

Girlfriend says she gained 50 pounds. And that's pretty close to what we all thought here. I think a few of us guessed closer to 60 (sorry, Kim), but I thought that number was high given her height. Kim says she's lost almost all of that weight, 43 pounds. "I feel so accomplished that I did this," Kim says of her weight loss.

Good for you, Kim! I hope you feel more accomplished about gestating and birthing a baby than about losing the weight, though.

Anyway, I can't resist pointing out that Kim waited until now to reveal her weight gain -- now that she's lost most of it. I don't blame her! Most women I know are willing to confess their number, even if they feel like it's a high number. But that's among friends who aren't going to leave a comment on their Facebook page saying, "OMG u look lik a wale you hoe!" and mean things like that. If you're a celeb with a public body, the stakes are a little higher, you know? Better to leave everyone in the dark than hand your haters more ammunition.

I guess what I'm saying is we don't deserve to know how much weight Kim Kardashian gained. And she doesn't owe us that information. It's her extra pounds, and if she wants to present them in a happy weight-loss narrative, she can. I respect that.

Is this how much weight you think Kim gained? How willing are you to tell people how much you gained during your pregnancy?


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nonmember avatar silke

Adriana Velez regardless of how popular or unpopular this new mum is ... your writing is that of a 13 year old spoiled brad and to call yourself a journalist is unfathomable ... i do not know your age nor am i interested in knowing more about you but by writing what you wrote in regards to weight gain and loss during after pregnancy you have just smeared the incredible gift that it is to carry a child as a woman, give birth and nurse a brand new little human and belittled the wonder and joy that comes with it and every woman large or thin knows this. you however are turning every woman into being an ugly and disgusting peace of work that only has value if the dress size fits your small brain. i suggest to you to visit health clinics in your area and interview doctors and find out real issues such as obesity and its cause and start writing about things that really matter ... i trust that somewhere within you there is a light that shines for you to wake up ... kind regards s

Lane-... Lane-Moja

I thought she had gained about 60 as well, but considering how short she is, 50 makes sense. It just looked so uncomfortable. No matter the number of pounds gained, for her frame it seemed like a lot.

I had no problem sharing, but I also had no problem with the amount of weight gained. I am 5'8" and gained almost 26 pounds, and through breastfeeding alone lost 35 by 10 months PP.

Unfortunately everything hangs a little lower from the weight loss..yes thinner, but before I was firmer. They say you can be thin OR look young, not both as we age as women. I think I am begining to understand that saying.

All weight/body issues aside...becoming a mother is my dream come true and any weight gain/loss is totally worth it.

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