Desiree Hartsock Can Thank Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici for Ruining Her Dream Wedding

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Des and Chris

OMG. Did I call it or what? I knew there had to be some sort of motivation behind Desiree Hartsock's desire to have a TV wedding. Now we may know the real reason why she and Chris Siegfried are following in Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici's footsteps instead of having a small, private wedding.

While I initially suspected that Des and Chris were jealous that Sean and Catherine were hogging all the Bachelor-related attention, it looks as though I was on the right track, but missed the mark a little bit.

Duh, yes -- fame and notoriety have everything to do with it.

But apparently Desiree thinks marrying on TV will help her career as a bridal designer. She believes everyone will go all gaga over her self-designed custom dress and every bride in the country will want a Des original for her wedding.

A source told Life & Style, "She thinks it will be a great way to get her enough press to make a name for herself in bridal fashion once everyone sees how great of a designer she is."

And there you have it. Des wants to use her wedding to further her career. And while I can't say that I blame her, it does take away from the significance of her big day, especially considering she'd always dreamed of having a summer wedding.

Let me explain. Supposedly Des and Chris' wedding is being pushed back to fall 2014, because ABC wants a decent amount of space between their TV nuptials and Sean and Catherine's. And apparently Des is all bent out of shape because she wanted to have her wedding during the summer months -- but "she still wants to be able to take advantage of having a TV wedding."

Geez. Nice of Sean and Catherine to ruin everything for her. (Kidding.)

Sigh. I guess I understand where Des is coming from, but it just seems like letting her career take priority over her wedding cheapens the whole day and makes it seem so much less authentic. But hey, who am I to criticize if she wants to use her impending marriage to her advantage? I can't lie -- there's a decent chance I'd do the exact same thing if I were in her shoes. (Sad but true.)

Be honest -- would you take advantage of a TV wedding if you were Desiree?


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Bobbie Smith


i would do the same thing. BUt I think Des should be able to get married before Sean if Sean wants to wait why should she have to wait behind him?

Dania Elisse

@Bobbie Sean doesn't have anything to do with it! Sean and Catherine' s wedding is in January! i hope the source is incorrect it's like she wants to rush the wedding because of her bridal thing coming from life & style i don't think it's true! she seems to love fall wedding! life & style magazine is the last i would want my info from it's garbage

nonmember avatar Marian

You need to stop posting these hateful and mean spirited articles! You don't know any of them personally so stop writing lies!

Geneva White

Yes Mary , you are stupid..DES said they wanted a quite wedding but would consider it being on T.V.also.. So arent you the one not telling the truth? I think Sean and Cat for a long time didn't know  what they were going to do but all at once ,decide for a later wedding. Believe they wanted to upset DES and CHRIS' wedding on T.V. STOP your HATE,no one should read anything you write.,I wont.   Most said DES and Chris would marry first ,Is that the reason Sean and Cat pushed to marry first??

nonmember avatar Victorya

@Dania, @Marian, @Geneva.. I agree with you all. The Author, Mary should be removed from publishing all the negative, bad and mean articles. By reading what she wrote, you can tell what kind / type of person she is. Don't be surprise she is a hateful, mean and racist lady herself.

Puri Shea

Why not taking the benefit of the wedding on national tv and on the public, and of course it is all free.  I wouild if someone takes the responsibility w/ all the expenses..ONE chance in a life time!

Susan Stratton

go for it you deserve it no matter what anybody think!!!!!!

nonmember avatar mommachrist

What's that got to do with Sean and Cat?,... they have announced on the ATFR that they were going to televised their wedding, just didn't have a date, it was network's decision on the date. Desiree and Chris didn't want to have a televised wedding in the first place, so don't put this on Sean and Cat's fault.

Marlene Fronczak

I think journalists like to stir up trouble to further their career.

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