Watch Kanye West Pop the Question to Kim Kardashian in Epic Style

Kim KardashianAs much as we all thought Kanye West abhorred the showy-public, reality show life his lady love leads, we also know Yeezy is a huge fan of the spotlight and dramatic antics himself. So OF COURSE there were cameras present when he popped the question to baby mama Kim Kardashian at AT&T Park in San Francisco on her birthday. And although we're sure to see a polished, edited version on an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, TMZ has shared the first clip of the proposal. AHH!

Yes, it was as epic as you might expect. Check it out ...

Awww! Now, okay, I know they can be two of the most annoying people in all of pop culture, but I found that really sweet. I love how they were able to have their intimate moment one-on-one -- well, you know, as intimate as you can get with a full orchestra serenading you -- and then they were joined by family and friends. It looks like an impromptu engagement party even ensued! Perfect.

Considering how family-oriented Kimye are, having their loved ones there to raise a toast right away seems like the perfect way to get engaged. Not to mention that the orchestra, getting down on one knee, lights and fire, moonlight above, 15-carat diamond ring, etc., provided all the fairy tale romance Kim could've hoped for. I'm not sure everyone will agree, but I'm "really happy" for Kimye -- this may be one of the best (proposal) videos of all time!

What's your first impression of the proposal?

Image via Splash

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Maurice Murray

Congrats Kim I was glad both your ex's was there to witness XD

nonmember avatar Stacey hewitt

Congrats Kim and kanye you two are cut together and made a beautiful baby

fave82 fave82

3rd marriage and she's 33. Ha! Good luck with that!

nonmember avatar Rhonda M

Congrats to the happy couple. It's strange the way life wraps itself up. :-)

Jai Hutto

Congrats to them both! I wish them nothing but happiness.

nonmember avatar Halima gerabi

Concrats to them both i wish them nothing but happiness....good luck kim & kanye

abra819 abra819

haha, you fools

8the1... 8the1bytch7

Dey are beautiful together

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