Lindsay Lohan Goes Berserk at a Bar & That Can Only Mean One Thing

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lindsay lohan Writing about Lindsay Lohan causing a scene at a bar or club seems very 2010. But here we are. Lindsay, now a proud resident of Manhattan's own SoHo neighborhood, caused a ruckus at a bar last night. The karaoke bar where she partied it up became seriously annoyed when she straight-up refused to leave when the time came for them to shut their doors.

So what did she do? Sigh and walk away? Nope. She invited her friends to keep chugging their vodka and called the police on the folks running the club. That's right. If you invite Lindsay Lohan over to your house and she doesn't want to leave? She will call the cops should you try to make her. Of course, she seems not to have been drinking -- but seriously, surrounding yourself with these sort of friends and hanging out at places like this? Recipe. For. Relapse.

Since open letters are totally a thing now (see: Sinead O'Connor to Miley Cyrus), I have decided to pen one to Lindsay. In the spirit of support. If life were a movie, she would be Demi Moore and I would be Whoopi Goldberg and that movie would be Ghost. Who, exactly, is Patrick Swayze remains unclear.

whoopie goldberg


You are killing me! There's only so many times you can behave like an unbearable brat (even if you're sober) before you lose every last fan you have! I mean, Mean Girls was good -- but you can't coast on that noise forever.

There is no question in my mind that you are talented. You're also beautiful. But watching you work so hard to beat your demons and regain your audience's trust has been tooooough. I know that being sober isn't a laugh. But if you are bored in New York, there are no end of things you can do other than harass a small-time karaoke bar and its employees.

Night on the town? Let me introduce you to a little thing I like to call a book club. Night in more your speed? Call me, man. We can eat microwave popcorn and speculate as to what my cats are thinking. Just like, maybe start treating others with respect and don't fall back when you've worked so hard to move forward.



Do you think this was a one-off or that Lindsay is doomed to backtrack?


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nonmember avatar BobbieFisher

I understand your concern for Lohan - but if you really want to know about the psyche of Lindsay Lohan - and I mean really see her for what she is, an entitled, lying, thieving, face-punching, fight-starting, car jacking narcissist - go to celeb!tchy and look at the history for Lindsay Lohan. It goes back years. She is not going to change because this is who she is. Open letter or not - if Oprah can't make her see her stupidity, no one can. And I also don't think she's talented, maybe when she was a kid essentially playing herself - but now she is the worst actor of her generation with a bevy of razzies to prove it. All that COPD sighing and eye-rolling, and she refuses to take an acting class - why? Because she thinks she's great - typical narcissist. I wish she would change, but it's never going to happen because of who she is - and who she is - is ugly inside. Very ugly.

nonmember avatar sandy

Sad to say it, but it was exceptionally good odds that it would not be long before Lindsay was up to her usual antics: The girl has a huge problem. She has fooled judges, counselors, and interviewers (hello, Oprah) countless times; why did anyone believe that this time would be any different? Funny thing is, I feel more sorry for her now: before this, she really seemed like a spoiled, lying brat; now I am feeling some compassion for the girl. This drinking thing has a hold of her, and she needs to commit to lengthy rehab (try one year, at least), and seriously consider a new line of work.

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