Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Divorce Speculation Reaches New Low

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khloe and lamarI know that some people are staunchly anti all things Kardashian. I am not one of those people. Neither, I hope, are you. For one thing, they are way too easy of a target. I don't think you need to be particularly smart or clever to slander these strangers. Are they smart? Yes. Are they downright cunning when it comes to controlling how their image is presented to the public at large? Totally. But being controlling isn't evil.

These latest rumors being bandied about Khloe Kardashian seem intent on destroying her reputation. They don't just seek to dissect her personal life. They go a step further. They are out to make her look like an evil person. Seriously, they stop juuuust short of saying she's a murderer. But barely.

It's, like, if Khloe isn't going to address what's going on with her marriage to Lamar Odom, they are going to make her pay or something. It's extremely messed up. While sure, there's an argument for picking and choosing what you share (or overshare) with the public, she's been vocal about trying to strike a balance. Her privacy is important to her. She shouldn't be bullied by the press this way.

The latest that's got me all sad-faced? A rumor circulating that the reason Khloe hasn't divorced Lamar yet is because if he dies, she'll get a huge insurance payout. Please! That goes past bad to straight up evil. I can't for a minute believe it's something Khloe would do. When 'sources' say she just wants Lamar to get help? I believe that over some shady rumors. Plus, leaving morality aside -- the woman is not hurting for dollars.

Do you think there's any way this rumor could be true, or do you think Khloe's being persecuted?


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mizkr... mizkriz73

I like Khole? Out of them I don't feel she is money hunger. I am just so upset about her marriage. She deserves to have someone to be her partner. Her life is kinda messed up. First her baby issues and now this.

Jenean Flowery

hey you never know.. could be true

Roxanne Dougherty

Really, people and that is to include media. To STOP and mind your own business. People are so unbelievable and have nothing better to do but, slander other peoples lives. Get real and get a life of your own. STOP THE BULLYING.. IDIOTS. 

nonmember avatar Joey

I think khloe needs to get out of the public eye for a while, deal with her issues and come back in a year or two. I heard parts of Europe are nice for giving celebrities privacy. Tina Turner lives there and she says it's so much better than the US

Pamela Kidd Piper

no way is that Khloe, she has her own money and does not need money from Lamar I truly hope he gets help and they can salvage their marriage.

Bk Michelle Taylor

man ppl need to leave them alone.they are dealing with what they have going on they arent glory hoggers like kim and kris so let them b


nonmember avatar Lindsey

No way is it true!! She Love's her man and is going to stick by his side thru thick and thin for better or for worse! She is a lover and has the kindest heart!

Patti Santon

No way she has enough money of her own. she must really love Lamar,people should be ashamed.

nonmember avatar Pam

The Kardashians are pretty good idols. Some took a bad situation and made it work for them.. As far as bullying them, if people spent half the time trying to make money as they try to bully them, maybe they would be rich.. Duh!!!. Kim is my favorite but I admire them all...

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