'50 Shades' Producer Spills All About Recasting Christian Grey

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dakota johnsonWhile you slept last night, the recasting of Christian Grey still hung in the balance, and today, the search for the elusive leading man continues. However, Fifty Shades of Grey's producers recently revealed that they've got a stealthy, helpful associate on the case: Dakota Johnson!

Producer Michael DeLuca spoke with E! News last night at the 2013 Hollywood Film Awards and revealed that the actress, who he calls "our rock," actually has been very hands-on (ahem, no pun intended) with the recasting process ...

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He elaborated:

She's just so Anastasia Steele. She's the best partner a producer could have.

So Anastasia Steele? Hmm, what does that even MEAN? That she trips all over herself, says "oh my!" every other minute, bites her lip a lot? Ha, I kid, I kid. Obviously, he's saying that she's 100 percent committed to the gig and is doing everything she can to help to score the right Christian for the flick, right? DeLuca explained the specifics:

She's helping us look through the candidates to see which chemistry kind of captures our attention.

I'd take that to mean that she's helping suggest actors -- but also doing the readings with them, as we previously reported about last Friday's tests with reported frontrunners Jamie Dornan and Billy Magnussen.

Still, while DeLuca wouldn't confirm that they've settled on such a shortlist, he did reveal when we can expect to hear about their final choice:

We're looking on your website, we're looking under rocks in Zimbabwe, in space, on the moon. We're looking everywhere, but I think in a couple weeks it will be announced and everything will be cool.

Let's hope so, because the longer this nail-biting process takes -- help and support from Dakota or not -- the less likely fans are to care one way or the other.

Are you relieved to hear Dakota is in on the process, her chemistry with the actor is still important, and we'll supposedly hear "in a couple weeks"?


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peach... peachpies

"She's just so Anastasia Steele" I think NOT! They're not fooling anyone. They're having to talk her up because the backlash is so heavy on her and there's so much negativity surrounding this film since Charlie left. She's not Ana and everyone knows it. She looks nothing like her and is not alluring or beautiful at all. And if SHE is calling the shots with they new Christian this is going to be even more of a DISASTER. Who lets someone insignificant and not credible in Hollywood do their job for them? Can they not handle it themselves? This is all kinds of messed up. I was once so excited for this film and now I'll just be sticking to the books.

Sophia Pembrook

Jeez she always looks so old. At least 35! They should've cast her as Mrs. Robinson because she's certainly no Ana Steele.

nonmember avatar Lily

OMG!!! Please please she is nothing like Anastasia Steele !! She does look old and not innocent looking at all! This movie will be a flop if they don't recast Anastasia Steele !

Laure... Lauren0983

She's awful for Ana! They're only set on keeping her because she came with a cheap pricetag and is willing. They're not fooling anyone. Peachpies is right they're just shoving her down our throats and trying to "fakely" talk her up as the perfect Ana Steele since there's so much backlash on her playing Ana, but she isn't even close to being Ana and the fans know it. They need to give it up. And if they're seriously letting her cast Christian and doing their job for them, that's pathetic. Since when does insignificant, inexperienced Dakota Johnson call the shots?

nonmember avatar Judy

I agree with the other ladies who have commented. Ana should have a full head of hair which is difficult to tame. She should also be younger and innocent. Not her.

Barbara Edders Saltzman

What the others have said is so true, she is too old looking and definitly not innocent looking. And yes she should be Mrs Robinson. I think we all should pass on the movie and read the books again, LOL

nonmember avatar Janelle

She's so old looking and next to Jamie dorman looks like his mom. Not at all ANA as described in the book. She looks like a smoker not an innocent natural beautiful. Do your fans a favor and recast!

Brandy Reed

I think I will be sticking with just the books also, Hollywood doesn't want to listen to the fans of the book Idea's but there own, wich mean less viewers for them Ian somerhalder or Jonathan Rhys Meyers would be my choices, wether EL James like it or not, there's lots of others that like my choices as well, listen to the fans & you will have lots of views for your movie don't listen & your not gna make a lot of money from it or from me, Henry Cavill would even have been a good choice

Brandy Reed

As for Ana, I dont know Dakota Johnson enough to judge, since I dont really know her, I wouldve like to see someone I actually know for Ana

nonmember avatar April

She's blonde. She's not lean. She's nothing like ana.

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