'50 Shades' Producer Spills All About Recasting Christian Grey

dakota johnsonWhile you slept last night, the recasting of Christian Grey still hung in the balance, and today, the search for the elusive leading man continues. However, Fifty Shades of Grey's producers recently revealed that they've got a stealthy, helpful associate on the case: Dakota Johnson!

Producer Michael DeLuca spoke with E! News last night at the 2013 Hollywood Film Awards and revealed that the actress, who he calls "our rock," actually has been very hands-on (ahem, no pun intended) with the recasting process ...


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He elaborated:

She's just so Anastasia Steele. She's the best partner a producer could have.

So Anastasia Steele? Hmm, what does that even MEAN? That she trips all over herself, says "oh my!" every other minute, bites her lip a lot? Ha, I kid, I kid. Obviously, he's saying that she's 100 percent committed to the gig and is doing everything she can to help to score the right Christian for the flick, right? DeLuca explained the specifics:

She's helping us look through the candidates to see which chemistry kind of captures our attention.

I'd take that to mean that she's helping suggest actors -- but also doing the readings with them, as we previously reported about last Friday's tests with reported frontrunners Jamie Dornan and Billy Magnussen.

Still, while DeLuca wouldn't confirm that they've settled on such a shortlist, he did reveal when we can expect to hear about their final choice:

We're looking on your website, we're looking under rocks in Zimbabwe, in space, on the moon. We're looking everywhere, but I think in a couple weeks it will be announced and everything will be cool.

Let's hope so, because the longer this nail-biting process takes -- help and support from Dakota or not -- the less likely fans are to care one way or the other.

Are you relieved to hear Dakota is in on the process, her chemistry with the actor is still important, and we'll supposedly hear "in a couple weeks"?


Image via © Edward Le Poulin/Corbis

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