‘Bachelorette’ Ashley Herbert Sends Fans a Secret Message From Her Couch

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ashley herbert nappingWhat happens to Bachelor and Bachelorette couples once the cameras turn off, and the wedding happens, and the birdseed gets eaten, and the pictures go up, and that one piece of wedding cake goes in the freezer, and the wedding china goes up on the shelves? How do you keep the magic alive? Date night, that's how. And for former Bachelorette Ashley Hebert and husband J.P. Rosenbaum, that means... Ashley? Ashley? Going by this photo J.P. just tweeted, Ashley Hebert's either taking a pre-date disco nap for a mind-blowing evening or the magic has already leaked out of this marriage like air leaking out of a thin, 20-year-old bike tire.

J.P. seems more amused than annoyed by Ashley's apparent lack of psyched-out-ness. That or she fainted with pre-date excitement and he threw a blanket over her to keep her warm. No -- you know what? It's so obvious what's really going on here.

Ashley is pregnant, you guys.

Right? Many women get the massive fatigues in the first trimester of pregnancy. Suddenly activities you used to relish wear you out just thinking about them. The love of your life shifts from your husband to your pillow. You cannot. Do. Anything. Anymore. Go away.

I could be wrong, but that's what it looks like to me. Take it from someone who has thrown a blanket over her head in the middle of the day whilst in the throes of first-trimester sleepies, this looks like a pregnancy nap. Maybe J.P. should consider ordering a pizza and Netflixing it instead of going out. Ashley will probably get her energy back again in a few weeks -- assuming she's pregnant. Which we don't know! But if I'm right I just want us all to remember: I called it. Thank you.

Were you too fatigued during your first trimester of pregnancy to go anywhere?


Image via J.P. Rosenbaum/Twitter


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Linda Roper McCoy

That's exactly what I was thinking and so let me be the first to congratulate you two. So I called that one :)

Darlene Tank

I hope she is pregnant they would make great parents.

Maureen Blake

I cant wait to see Ashley and JP pregnant.

Jenna Summers

Well this was a bitchy little article. So taking a couch nap means the magic is gone? Not true, and nasty to boot.

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