Katharine McPhee Gets Caught Making Out With Man Who's NOT Her Husband

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Uh oh. Nothing is ever really private and sacred in Hollywood, is it? If you're an actress like Katharine McPhee, you should know that your photo is going to eventually get snapped if you go around kissing the married man who directed the TV show that made you even more of a household name. And yet, Kat was caught smooching former Smash director Michael Morris and, well, that cat is out of the bag now. But the couple's openness about it -- they shared a kiss in what looks like an outdoor parking lot -- leads me to believe we shouldn't jump down their throats just because they are both, technically, married to other people. 

Of the two of them, Morris has the more public relationship, as he's married to actress Mary McCormack and they have three daughters together whose ages range from 2 to 9. Katharine, who does not have children, is married to producer Nick Cokas, but rumor has it the two have been separated for six months.

Even though Smash was recently cancelled -- and maybe even because of this fact -- it makes sense that Katharine would be close to Michael. Let's face it: it's easy to develop a crush on someone we work with because we often see that person more than we see our own spouses. We share triumphs at work when things are going well for us professionally, and we buy each other beers at happy hour when we feel like commiserating over that jerky thing our boss did to us that morning. 

There are about a million examples of actors and actresses who developed feelings for each other after working together -- oh, Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, of course I'm thinking of you -- but there are just as many actresses who have fallen head over heels for their directors. Sam Mendes directed Kate Winslet in Revolutionary Road and helped her win a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress. Robert Rodriguez left his wife of 16 years to be with Rose McGowan after they filmed Grindhouse. Helena Bonham is still going strong with Tim Burton after he directed her in The Planet of the Apes in 2001.

And (cough, cough) I believe Kristen S. may have had another little fling with married director Rupert Sanders

In real life, the trick is not to get too close to someone else when you value your relationship, but something tells me the rules are a little more lax in La La Land. Still, I hope we find out that both Katharine and Michael are separated and that both their partners are aware of what's going on -- and as cool with it as possible. 

Do you think it's appropriate to kiss other people if your marriage isn't completely over?


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worki... workingmama86

Well this sort of compares to Kristen Stewart's "scandal" lol. 

hexxuss hexxuss

Depends on how you define 'completely over' - if you mean waiting the YEARS for a divorce to finish, then yup, I DO think it's appropriate to kiss someone else beforehand (and I dare you to tell anyone stuck into year 2 of a divorce otherwise).  I'm the cold-hearted one, easily.  The day I filed for divorce from my (mental) ex, my marriage was OVER, done, gone like the wind, dropped like a bad habit, whatever other cliches work here.

Gail Neuman

What kind of a kiss was it? If it was a make-out session that's bad but if was a thank you for being my director peck on the cheek, that's fine.

CLM3345 CLM3345

Aw :( I love Mary McCormack. What's wrong with waiting to actually be divorced before going public with another relationship? Gail, it's on TMZ, full kiss. 

Kimdom Kimdom

I believe you should wait till the divorce papers are final. The vows u took to that person you marryed hold true till the final decree.

nonmember avatar BostonBob

In many cases, the divorce process can take years. Often it even involves waiting time from the final court decree. Judge will say "This becomes effective in 180 days (gavel pounds)".

So a prolonged case that could take 5 years, even long after the parties have separated and are living apart, no dating or kissing at all? That's harsh.

Especially when there is a lot of money involved, one party will try to draw things out as long as possible to avoid paying alimony.

Donna Lynden

How did we ever fail to include the worse of the worse...MR AND MRS SMITH...BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE...thats what you call BETRAYAL!!!

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