Robert Pattinson's Latest Partying Behavior May Screw Up His Future

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robert pattinsonAs much as I wish that I could defend Robert Pattinson against all of these crazy partying rumors, it's starting to seem that they may actually have some weight to 'em. Last week, news broke that Pattinson was possibly using cocaine. Today? The Twilight star's reps are supposedly worried about his intense partying habits. According to an insider for Radar Online, Pattinson's team feels like he needs a "wake up call" and that wake up call needs to happen ASAP. To be a little more specific, they just don't want him to derail his career with booze, drugs, and women.

I mean sure, booze, drugs, and women can be fun but not when you're trying to stay successful and make a name for yourself outside of Edward Cullen. Rob's people are right: They guy started off strong with this whole Twilight thing. He has momentum, and ruining it now with all this bull isn't gonna do him any favors.

It's cause we care, Rob. That's all.

So the question is -- what now? Well, it's not like Rob isn't entitled to let go of some steam. Especially after the last year of drama, the chap's allowed to get out there, have some fun, do the damn thing. With that said, though, he is an actor. That's what he wants to be doing. In order to be successful in that field, you gotta show up. Actors gotta go out there, get those roles, make a name. When actors get preoccupied with all that comes with the fame, it's not like money's just gonna show up. Rob's young, there's much more out there to do, many other parts to play.

Whether or not I'm a major Pattinson fan, there's no denying that Rob has what it takes to be more than Edward Cullen. If that's what he really wants, then this partying phase he may or may not be in -- it's gotta come to a hault.

What kind of role would you like to see Robert Pattinson in next?


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nonmember avatar Phoebe

Boom Operator

ap58 ap58

Rob drinking and partying screwed up his haters minds more than his fans.Rob is still doing the same drinking when he was with Kristen and nobodys complained about it but as soon as he dumped kristen cheating a**s  it became an issue.

Gwenda Wakely

Live your life the way you want,The agents are only after more money,the more you work,the more they get.Your are only 27 and have a whole lot of living to do.For them to suggest you give up music is redicilious ,music is a very large part of you life. DON'T DO IT. You have 3 more movies lined up this year and you will be there when the time comes.You are entitledto YOUR life and live it the way you want. We are only here for a short time, enjoy it.You can be a success without working 24/7.

nonmember avatar rocknmovies

The Radar story is BS. It implies that his managerial team told him to find a role. In truth Rob has 3 movies lined-up for early 2014. The coke story was twitted by Kristen Stewart fans to gossip sites and tabloids to diss him, they are jealous of his Dior campaign (compared to her Balenciaga non-campaign which is a joke) and are mad that he dumped her.

The guy is 27. Young men go out and go to rock shows.

nonmember avatar jessica altman

He should play the party for fifty shades of grey that would be awesome an hot his sexy ass hell an if he is partying maybe its just a phase an hell come out of it I I have faith in him ROB your a excellent actor an good looking keep ur head up high an keep ur acting up our great at ur job an don't let anyone tell u different I'm sure ur an amazing person keep up the good work I have faitg

Linda Kimpton Murrell

your making mountains out of molehills he needs down time now and again and he is known for liking to shock people. But i may be biased because i've seen most of his work and love his music 


Marilyn Mel

I don't believe it for one minute.You must be desperate for something to write about . If your going to write about him at least write the truth.!!!!!!!!


Guy-Julie Janssen-Jeffery

Go drug treatment meeting til he need quit this then he get good projects for movies. Pls get better.

nonmember avatar jen

would love to see him in a romances movies love rob so sexy

nonmember avatar BubbaSue

Face it; he was more grounded when in a relationship with Kristen. Go back to what works. RP + KS = grounded.

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