Robert Pattinson's Latest Partying Behavior May Screw Up His Future

robert pattinsonAs much as I wish that I could defend Robert Pattinson against all of these crazy partying rumors, it's starting to seem that they may actually have some weight to 'em. Last week, news broke that Pattinson was possibly using cocaine. Today? The Twilight star's reps are supposedly worried about his intense partying habits. According to an insider for Radar Online, Pattinson's team feels like he needs a "wake up call" and that wake up call needs to happen ASAP. To be a little more specific, they just don't want him to derail his career with booze, drugs, and women.

I mean sure, booze, drugs, and women can be fun but not when you're trying to stay successful and make a name for yourself outside of Edward Cullen. Rob's people are right: They guy started off strong with this whole Twilight thing. He has momentum, and ruining it now with all this bull isn't gonna do him any favors.

It's cause we care, Rob. That's all.


So the question is -- what now? Well, it's not like Rob isn't entitled to let go of some steam. Especially after the last year of drama, the chap's allowed to get out there, have some fun, do the damn thing. With that said, though, he is an actor. That's what he wants to be doing. In order to be successful in that field, you gotta show up. Actors gotta go out there, get those roles, make a name. When actors get preoccupied with all that comes with the fame, it's not like money's just gonna show up. Rob's young, there's much more out there to do, many other parts to play.

Whether or not I'm a major Pattinson fan, there's no denying that Rob has what it takes to be more than Edward Cullen. If that's what he really wants, then this partying phase he may or may not be in -- it's gotta come to a hault.

What kind of role would you like to see Robert Pattinson in next?


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