Desiree Hartsock & Chris Siegfried's Sudden Wedding Plans Seem a Bit Too Convenient

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Desiree Hartsock Chris Siegfried

Well, well, well, isn't that interesting. While they first insisted they were planning on having a private, small wedding with close friends and family, all of a sudden rumors are flying that Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried will marry on TV -- and the wedding will likely take place sometime in 2014.

According to a source who talked to Wetpaint, "The calls are being made." And I guess we can assume that means they're in negotiations with ABC to foot the bill for their entire celebration. Oh, and the source also adds, "She (Des) is ready to get married."

Ummmm, doesn't it seem a little soon for Des to be rushing to the altar, considering she and Chris have only been "officially" engaged since August? (Yes, I know the finale aired months after the actual proposal. But that period of time doesn't really count.)

Does anyone else find it a bit strange that Des suddenly wants to tie the knot sooner rather than later -- and that she wants the wedding televised? Her timing is truly impeccable since Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici's wedding date (Jaunary 26, 2014) was just announced last week. If I didn't know any better, I'd say Des and Chris are hoping to steal a little bit of their thunder if they also choose to have a TV wedding not too long after Sean and Catherine.

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Come on -- as in love as they seem, Des and Chris obviously dig the spotlight (their marketing strategy for their new poetry book speaks for itself), so it would make sense for them to be a bit nervous about their popularity fading in the wake of Sean and Catherine's nuptials. But if they do get hitched after Cat and Sean, they will suddenly become Bachelor Nation's "it" couple again -- or at least that's what they're probably hoping.

If they really want people to take them seriously, they'll chill out for a bit and wait until the end of 2014 to tie the knot. The reason everyone is finally on board with Sean and Catherine's relationship is because it's stood the test of time. But if Des and Chris get married within the next few months? I'd be willing to bet that they don't even make it to their first anniversary -- because it will seem like they only got married (and did it on TV) to try and show up Sean and Catherine somehow.

OMG. I wonder if they'll score an invite to Sean and Catherine's wedding? If they do, I can't wait to see the showdown on the dance floor when it's time for the bride to toss her bouquet.

Des will fight tooth and nail for that thing. And ABC will probably keep re-shooting until she catches it for the sake of being able to replay the footage at her TV wedding.

Do you think that Des and Chris are jealous of Sean and Catherine?


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nonmember avatar Geneva White

That Mary is wrong.Des and Chris has known each other long enough if it's true love,then marry.I've said all along it's sean and Cat trying to upset chris and Des'wedding day.Sean and Cat are the MEAN ONES..

Marguerite Zakuma

Dear Mary Fisher, do you need material to write about? You don't know anything? What don't you leave them alone? Des said they were going to get married during the summer of 2014 and she never ruled out TV. She said they were considering it. Besides, Des and Catherine are very good friends, there is no reason for Des and Chris to be jealous. These 2 are so mature and loving, for you to go there is simply mean spited. Get a life!!!!

nonmember avatar Josephine

Good grief! Stop assuming and find something else to do!

Diana Brantner

Not at all! If your in love and want to share you life with someone who are we to stand in thier way. Whether they got married in Vegas or on TV it is going to be news. Heck what girl wouldnt want a dream wedding paid for. Give them break

nonmember avatar Kim

Enough of the line "they don't even know each other and they are in a hurry to marry". The other articles out there state that their wedding isn't likely going to be until the latter part of 2014 so that's a full year from now so nothing is in a hurry or fast. Also, weddings can be expensive so if ABC is willing to foot the entire bill, um why not work with them on the timing of it. Leave them be and stop trying to make mountains out of mole hills.

Kelly Pittman

I dont think des and chris are jealous of anyone, if anything i believe the reason they will marry on tv is because of the boo boo des did when chris was her second choice when she was so in love with brooks. I believe des is trying to show everyone that she loves chris and they will last if anything.

Stacey Green Tompkins

Who cares if they want to get married on tv and want to share it with all their tv friends. I think it's wonderful and it should be up to them to decide if it's offered to them.

Roberta Howard

I don't care if Des and Chris get married on TV or in their living room.. I won't watch it. My heart breaks for that young man. He is so nice.. She not so much... 

I will however watch Catherine and Shawn and wish them the best..

Diane Nusz Sauer

Stay out of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Their lives are ticking, and you have no right to say what is going to  happen!!!!  People like you are bully's and jealous!! Stop it!!


nonmember avatar Bonnie Nolan

you really need to get a life if this is all you have to write about. they're both wonderful couple and they'll get married one they want to get married and someone needs to grow up a little bit even write about ridiculously stupid things like this.

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