'50 Shades' Insiders Reveal the 2 Actors Duking It Out for Christian Grey

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billy magnussen Just when we thought Jamie Dornan had the Christian Grey gig in the bag, the seemingly never-ending plot to find Fifty Shades of Grey's leading man thickens! While Jamie did reportedly have a "really good read" on Friday, it turns out he wasn't the ONLY one!

Billy Magnussen -- who has appeared in As the World Turns and nominated for a best featured actor Tony this year for Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike -- ALSO tested for the role, according to The Hollywood Reporter. What's more, BOTH actors tested with director Sam Taylor-Johnson and read opposite Dakota Johnson. Innnteresting.

The site goes onto report that the producers' shortlist to cast from now includes just Jamie and Billy. That said, I dunno about you, but I'm taking that to mean that the "usual suspects" we keep throwing around -- like Alexander Skarsgard, Ian Somerhalder, Matt Bomer, Alex Pettyfer, etc. -- are officially out of the running! Looks like it has come down to this, people -- Jamie vs. Billy! 

Billy isn't English like the better lot of people associated with this flick, but I'd be all for that, being that Christian Grey is an American character! He also has experience replacing another actor in a big flick -- having recently replaced Jake Gyllenhaal as Rapunzel’s Prince in Disney’s upcoming big screen version of Into the Woods, and he'll also begin filming a lead role in the HBO series The Money. Definitely sounds like he's got the chops. And he's the right age at 28. And he looks the most like Charlie Hunnam than Jamie, so if a blonder Christian Grey is what E.L. James & Co. decided they want, then he's definitely their man ...

At the same time, Jamie's an up-and-coming hottie who could totally do brooding and mercurial and has impressive credentials to boot!

Either way, let's hope it all boils down to whichever actor had the best chemistry with Dakota. Because no matter how quickly the suits want to get Christian cast, the sparks between their leads is obviously a factor they cannot afford to lose. 

What do you think of these top two contenders? Who would you prefer?


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peach... peachpies

Both guys are a downgrade from Charlie, who I wasn't even fully sold on! Jamie is too short and scrawny. Christian is tall, broad, and masculine. He's supposed to be physically imposing and powerful, not little! And next to tall ass Dakota that vibe is already ruined. Ana is supposed to be petite, not tall! Billy is even shorter and is not even attractive! They didn't follow the books when casting for Ana, but they could at least try to get something right here with Christian! This is a nightmare. Dakota already ruins it, and this just makes it that much worse.

Laure... Lauren0983

Jamie doesn't live up to Grey physically, and Dakota looks older than him despite him being in his early 30s! She'll pretty much look older than anyone though, ugh. Billy is not even cute! Ew this is all going in such a horrible direction. This whole cast is going to be messed up. They need to pull the plug. 

Ma Barker

This is a joke,right??? they will not be able to give the tickets away, let alone sell them.

Shandi80 Shandi80

I couldn't get through the first book. I would have considered the movie if Charlie was still going to play Grey but I probably will not watch now. That guy in the top picture is creepy looking. 

nonmember avatar KillerKitty


Kathreine Michelle Lee

It's official, this movie has gone to shit!

Ian And Alexis sadly aren't going to happen. Next best thing im wishing for is Christian Cooke.

Denise Mengler

Christian Grey is a powerful man, neither of these guys could fight their way out of a paper bag. I was good with Charlie Hunnam playing this role but if they pick one of these guys to play this role I will NOT being going to see this movie.

Lynda Roberts

I don't know who everyone is looking at but Jamie is 6' and built exactly like Christen, slender with gorgeous muscles. I think he would be excellent.


nonmember avatar Tiffannie

JAMIE PLEASE!!!!!! You have already ruined Ana and if Charlie doesnt have the nads to fill the shoes please god give it to Jamie he is the best fit so far!!!! JAMIE, JAMIE,JAMIE!!!!!!!!

(Or Chris Hemsworth(8

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