Backstabbers, an Unexpected Sex Scandal & Jail Time the Giudices Face (VIDEO)

Stuck in Reality 10

The Bridezilla disappeared and was replaced by a sourpuss on a mechanical bull!! What is going ON down in Miami?? In today’s episode of The Real Deal, I cover The Real Housewives of Miami as well as the final looks at New Jersey and the upcoming Giudice court case.

First, a few things stuck out to me about Miami. I think Lisa Hochstein was supposed to throw Lea Black under the bus, but it didn’t work out the way the producers wanted. Never mind, because Lea did a fine job of crucifying herself without help!

Second, I smell set-up with Joanna Krupa and her fiancé Romain. While their sunset champagne and cruise was lovely, the prenup got me sniffing for a set-up and then the whole scene jumped the shark ... or should I say the puppy.

But let’s get over to New Jersey, where I have a BIG question for all the moms reading this -- if you haven’t had the sex talk yet and your daughter is 12 and precocious, isn’t it a little late in the game? I break it down in the exclusive video below with alternate suggestions and what mom might be thinking.

Finally, it’s almost court time for Joe Giudice -- before the family even gets to the 39 counts of fraud, they’ve got to deal with those driver’s license charges. I break it all down for you and offer my thoughts as to what might happen. Check it out!


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Bree Stevens

Good job Alex -- Yes 12 is way past the age especially as sexual as that family is and how she dresses them and they act. Teresa WILL get jail time and I doubt that they will give them any special agreement for consecutive sentences -- its not like they are stand up parents to begin with and more than anything they are pretty disgusting. Teresa would not be able to leave the country because she would have probation after jail -- also part of this would be because they will both get substantial jail time and the kids will be grown before they would be released. I think Wesley Snipes got 4 years for one count of tax evasion so I predict they will both get about 15 years.

nonmember avatar Angela

Alex, love the new hair-do, the best. Waiting until a girl gets her period is WAY too late for the sex talk. Giving her books and walking away is stupid. Having a special conversation calmly matter of fact like is the way to go. You want them to know the facts, but most of all know they can come to their parents with any question.

nonmember avatar Emmyjoe

I too agree that this is way too late to have the sex talk. Holy cow, she could have already been involved with a boy... didn't one of the episodes state she had a boyfriend? I really think if push comes to shove in the case Joe will be thrown under the bus and Teresa will claim no knowledge of any wrong doing. Even with 39 counts... it's a ridiculous waste of New Jersey / Federal Tax dollars to even bring this lawsuit.

Deb Walsh

Good Job Alex...Joe & Tre are both morons...I feel so bad for those four girls.

nonmember avatar kelli

She is crazy! Of course 12 is to young! This is how people end up grandparents early.

Robin Schlegel

I think someone needs to explain it to Teresa first before telling Gia. Gia already knows about the birds and the bees...she is 12. As far as serving consecutive sentences if found guilty, it would depend on the length of the sentence. If they get 15-20 years a piece, then no. Maybe they should have thought of the kids prior to allegedly committing fraud, etc.

nonmember avatar Julie

great job Alex! I'm new here. you really look amazing. just a little thought, I think your hair is really too structured. maybe a little looser. anyways your question.. YES! 12 is too old in this world! this should be done earlier and more than once. Joe G. Thinks that he has eggs.. remember? Omg, Lmao!

Kay Wiermaa  Pathetic article, sorry it has come to this for you.  Write something that's "news"

Jackholes Ofbravo

Alex, I was on your team until I read this. As a parent, I would think you would know that there is absolutely NO defined age that milestones happen. Each kid is different and only the parents know when their kids are ready for anything. As someone who has gone through the grinder of reality TV-especially BRAVO-style "reality," I would think you should understand that we are only getting a portion of Gia's personality. Lastly, as a self-proclaimed woman of "culture" I would think that you could understand that Teresa is heavily influenced by her native culture and her religious culture in child-rearing which we hear her (and all of the others) say over and over again.

I am very disappointed to learn of the hypocrisy that has become you!

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