Kristen Stewart Sure Looks Like She’s Over Rob in Super Candid Picture (PHOTO)

kristen stewartFor anyone who thinks Kristen Stewart has been knee-deep in Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia over the past few months because she's so not over Robert Pattinson, I'd like you to feast your eyes on this here photo of KStew, happy as a clam, while gassing up her pickup truck.

A fan happened upon the actress at a gas station recently, and when they whipped out their phone to take a photo, Kristen smiled broadly and offered up the ol' thumbs up. I know, right?! Typically, the only fingie Kristen flips up when a camera is aimed at her is her middle.

I'm going to say something controversial here: Maybe KStew isn't as big of a pouty pants as we think she is? Maybe she's just sick and tired of having 47 paparazzi in her face 24/7? Maybe she's been long over Robert Pattinson, but it just doesn't seem that way because every candid shot we see of her, it looks like she's just been told her pet died? Here was a random, happy fan who wanted a quick photo of the actress, and she smiled! And it looks like a real smile! She actually looks ... like a lot of fun.

Then again, as Hollywood Life pointed out, maybe the reason she's smiling so hard is because she's on her way to see Rob.

Do you think Rob and Kristen are better off without one another? If so, who would you like to see each of them date?


Image via Instagram

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Anne Valentine

I think even though actors and actress's choose a profession that is very open and visual, I still believe they have a right to some privacy, unless they choose otherwise. With that being said, as much as I would love to see them two together, in the end, it's THEM that has to live with their choices. Nobody else.

Ruth Deitrick

That does not eve look like her. I think you people take pictures of random people make up a story to go with the so clled look alike and start shit

Guy-Julie Janssen-Jeffery

Outside of human look happy but inside still miss Robert even in her mind too.

nonmember avatar Guest

I hope they get back together

abra819 abra819

who cares?

nonmember avatar Jen

Good. Now maybe the crazy fans of both will calm down about their love life. Both have been talked about like dogs because of the breakup. Unbelievable.

Jestene Bradley

I am sorry but i would like to see Kristen Stewart date anybody but Robert Pattinson, because Rob need to grow up and be a man and quit acting like he is seventeen or younger. He can be funny and cute but he doesn't know what he wants as for a woman it's like he is still shopping and he wants a perfect woman, one who will dote on him only, but in order to have that you have to be the perfect man and I haven't seen or met one yet.




nonmember avatar Audi Bhatt

Kris and Rob are made for each other, don't even dare to separate them... they will be back together toda or tomorrow!!!!

SMeyer Rules

The paps not only that follow wherever she goes, but they abuse her verbally to get a reaction. It has been more than a year and it doesn't stop. Why would she smile, when they try to make money by harassment? The tabs know it, but they need their soap opera stories and make it seem as if she can't let go. That last sentence from HL is a perfect example.

Valeriya Abrahamova

....they both need to be more educated & be more civilized, bring their relationship to higher level-more spiritual level, to the level where they will stop insulting each other like teenagers,...they need to learn to respect other people's feelings, more open-hearted & less concentrated only on what each of them wants,...i think, last they realized that they fell in love with the characters of Twilight movies,..time showed them that in real life she is far from being Bella,..& he is far from being Edward,...people who gave their love to these Twilight characters also came to understanding that it was JUST THE MOVIE, based on someone's script,..that is also far from being real, , to be honest,..i don't care they will be together, cause i also understood that i liked wrong people,..yeah, reality they are too far from being perfect people,..therefore they are not able to have perfect relationship,...i cannot blame her cheating on him,..may be she was sick & tired of being bullied by him & rude relationship,..i cannot blame him that he dates different girls - may be he also was sick & tired of being bullied by her,..& her rude relationship, want to have more senisitive,.open-hearted ladies ,  they want to be secure & loved...

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