'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Finally Comes to Her Senses About Her Sex Tape

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Farrah AbrahamAdjust your neck braces, Teen Mom fans, and prepare for a little whiplash action. Last month Farrah Abraham was all "oooh, let's make some sex toys to capitalize off my sex tape fame." This month the Teen Mom is oh so over that business!

Yes, it's finally come to pass: Farrah Abraham has woken up and smelled the (for sale on eBay) panties and decided maybe that sex tape wasn't the best idea after all.

According to an interview Farrah did with The Gloss, she's gotten tired of the whole sex club scene, but she says she took it "too far." She even, gasp, seems to regret the sex tape:

I just kinda want to be done with that. I think going out and doing some of these things are fun, but when it gets to a point when it’s not fun, it’s more distracting, I’m not about that anymore.

So let's get this straight. You can go from having your vagina cast in silicone for sex dolls to being oh so much better than such things in less than a month?

Sheesh. Kids these days. Changing their minds more often than I change my shoes.

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But seriously folks, Farrah is just 22. She's at that stage where most of us figure out who we are and what we're all about. She's allowed her mistakes ... and her time to correct them.

What I'm curious about isn't so much why she feels this way about her crazy year because, duh, but what the heck she thinks she's going to do next.

Girlfriend has burned one bridge after another with her diva antics. Networks have reportedly been turning her down for a reality show right and left, and even Playboy isn't interested.

Could Farrah possibly ... gasp ... fade back into obscurity? It might not be what she wants; she did just call herself a "celebrity" the other day after all. But it could be for the best.

What did you do in your early 20s that YOU regret now?


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Nurse... Nursekelly1980

I just hate what she's done to herself. She seemed to have her head on straight on the few episodes of the show I actually watched, now she's making sex tapes. And she was so beautiful, now she's, I don't even know what to call it. So sad

Baile... Bailey8307

So your criticizing her for regretting her terrible decisions? I am by no means a fan of hers but I think it's great that she's learned from her mistakes and I hope she continues to mature for her sake and for the sake of her little girl. Why is it wrong that she referred to herself as a celebrity? She was on TV. People are clearly interested enough for you to write this article.

nonmember avatar diane

i just hope she turns out better this. just because she's famous and it makes news, let's not see another trainwreck.

mmbgdr mmbgdr

I just read an article that seems to explain her sudden clarity....it said that Vivvid dropped her because they had a falling out. She was mad because they wouldn't come out & lie for her & back her up when the story broke about her making 10k + residuals instead of 1.5 million. Vivvid wouldn't do that because they knew her ex manager (Gina Rodriguez , who is suing Farrah) has a copy of the contract. It does explain her sudden turn around. Just last week she was all about it talking about how healthy it was to have a break from Sophia & how much she loved doing those appearances. Of course she's twisting it around to look like she's just so over it. Typical Farrah. Strip clubs are the only places that she's treated like the "STAR" she isn't! She would have done those appearances forever if she could have. I predict she's NOT gonna be happy living like a normal person again!

nonmember avatar Michael Abraham

mmbgdr your a fool and a rumor spreader...you have no facts....I do. As for lawsuits you are wrong about her ex-manager and you know it..as for Steve H at Vivid, Farrah does not need Steve to back up her story because he did many times in the past. And the deal was a record breaking amount and everyone knows it along with her residual checks...As for your statement that Farrah is only welcome at her adult events you might want to see how welcome she is at the fund raisers for the homeless and other shelters she supports. As with followers she at other personal appearances that are un related to the adult events she has many hundreds coming to see her so lies are just lies... we know your game and those of you on the hate wagon. l....if you had facts why don't you place your real name out there ...I did because I have the true facts. Have a good life because my family will....Michael Abraham

nonmember avatar Lol

You should be so proud, "Michael."

mmbgdr mmbgdr

Mr. Abraham, if I'm wrong about the money, just post a copy of the contract or paperwork & prove it. I'll apologize if you do. But I'm just amazed that all you want to focus on is making sure everybody knows bow much money Farrah made off her disgusting, filmed for release , professional p0rn flick. What about the fact that she even DID such a thing with no regard whatsoever as to how it would affect Sophia? I don't care if she made a BILLION dollars off that nasty tape. Nothing is worth you self respect & dignity. Have you seen the video? I saw the 5 minute clip & it is nothing less than HARD CORE P0RN. And she continues to lie about it. I've seen her tell 3 different versions of how the tape came to be & all 3 can't be true. That's called LIEING! Also, explain to me why the other "teen moms" don't get all this flack? Why is it ONLY Farrah that gets a constant barrage of bad press? Do you not notice that all these articles that you comment on are written in a very negative light? Every single one talks about how slutty, dumb & arrogant she is (their words, not mine). Why do you think that is? I personally am highly offended at her smart ass attitude about her DUI. She never took responsebility for it. Just read the blog she wrote about it. I lost my mom to a drunk driving idiot, so I took great offense to that. THESE & hundreds of other issues that your daughter has is what you should be concentrating on. Not bragging in how much money she's made.

mmbgdr mmbgdr

Also, Mr. Abraham, if Farrah supports homeless shelters & things like that, why does she not have her photographers there?? She has them show up everywhere else! I've never seen a pic of her doing anything like that. Not one time. But I HAVE seen about a million pics of her running around on beaches in bikinis (& less). I've also seen pics of her getting plastic sugeries. It just seems strange that she wouldn't jump at the chance to post pics of helping the needy since she needs good press worse than anyone I can think of. Oh, & by the way, I'm no fool. Farrah's words (she seldom makes any sense when she talks, but when she does, she's usually lieing) & her actions (hard core p0rn & putting a replica of her vag & bhole on the market for weirdos to buy & hump on) are out there for the whole world to see, and everytime you try to make excuses or defend her, you're making YOURSELF look like the fool.

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