'50 Shades' Movie May Have Their New Christian Grey Almost Tied Down

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jamie dornanWith shooting still scheduled to begin in Vancouver, B.C. in just a couple of weeks, Fifty Shades of Grey is still looking for their Christian Grey/Charlie Hunnam replacement. As crazy as that sounds, things may be looking up, because it sounds like producers are getting close to sealing the deal with one of their top contenders!

Jamie Dornan, whose name has been floated to play Christian Grey for quite some time -- even back before Charlie Hunnam was cast! -- "had a really good read" on Friday, a source tells E! News exclusively. Ooooh, exciiiiting!

While his prospects may be looking preeettty good, what's less clear is whether the chemistry between Jamie and Dakota sparked well enough to bring him on-board?

The source claimed that the studio isn't as concerned about the chemistry between their new leading man and their existing leading lady. They just want to get Christian cast. The source explained, "The studio isn't worried about Dakota. They think she could handle whoever the guy is."

Guess that's a testament to how much they trust Dakota as an actress, but still ... it's a bit concerning if they're not prioritizing any sort of magnetism between their leads. Especially when producer Dana Brunetti said the initial casting was taking so long, because they wanted to ensure the chemistry was on-point. Now, it almost seems like they're going too far in the opposite direction. Like, "Meh, whatever, let's just cast a pretty boy, and get on with it!"

That said, I would definitely feel better knowing the role was offered to a pro like Jamie Dornan than to some random hottie model. After all, Jamie doesn't seem like he's just any generic pretty boy actor. He actually has some impressive credentials, like Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette and the BBC drama series The Fall. So maybe his healthy dose of talent -- and obvious good looks -- are all the film/Dakota need to make it work? We shall see!

How do you feel about Jamie Dornan getting closer to sealing the deal? Do you think he'll have hot chemistry with Dakota?

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Laure... Lauren0983

This is becoming a joke. Dakota cannot make someone to have chemistry with her! Chemistry can't be forced. She's not even that great of an actress, she's mediocre. They're likely talking her up because they're trying to save face after losing their star and need to retain some credibility given all the negativity surrounding the project now. Dakota is GOD AWFUL and this film will be ruined as long as she's cast but the fact they're not focusing on chemistry and are just trying to cast the role just shows how unprofessional and amateur this team is. They've been slowly destroying something that had so much potential. Ugh.

peach... peachpies

Wtf? Their whole justification on Charlie and Dakota being cast was their CHEMISTRY, and how that's more important than other factors, and now they're going back on that?? What the hell? Dakota is nothing special, she cant carry this film. The majority of the fans hate her for Ana as it is. Dakota looks nothing like Ana even as a brunette and Jamie is too short and scrawny. They're really butchering this thing.

CL Marie

He's married AND has a kid on the way. No thanks.

Annie... Anniegrace

Jamie isn't tall/broad shouldered/masculine and looks creepy, and Dakota is hideous and nothing like Ana. This is Fifty Shades of FAILED.

nonmember avatar Julie

This movie is becoming a joke

nonmember avatar Amelia

I hope this to be true, JAMIE DORNAN is perfect for the role, as you mention, his credentials are quite good, in the bbc series the fall, he's amazing as the psycho killer, i think for christian role the actor should channel some kind of darkness to portray the 50 shades of fuckedponess that the main character display.
about him being married, i dont see why thats could be a problem, charlie hunnam has a long time girlfriend, like a marriage without the papers, and it wasnt a problem why could this be a problem w/ jamie? i dont see it, thats nonsense.

Jamie has the looks, the confidence, the talent, the intense gaze, he's the perfect christian.

nonmember avatar LMS1968

I don't like him for CG. For one thing he is only 5'11". He is not tall enough and he is nothing like how I pictured CG. It also po's me that they seem to be being so non-chalant about the chemistry read. A movie like this cannot be properly done if the chemistry between the actors sucks. And how can he do this movie if his wife is pregnant? It would be one thing if it was filming where he lives but I am pretty sure he doesn't live in Vancouver. They need to forget about Jamie and focus on Scott Eastwood instead. Now that boy is the ticket!

Verónica Caro

Yes! he could pull it off!!!!! however.. chenistry between them is a hugeeee deal!!!

elena... elenacalif

JAMIE is PERFECT for CG .... his model pic are HOT, he looks very sexy !! The acting on series THE FALL he is amazing ... 

nonmember avatar LIZ SMITH

No sorry i'm nit happy with the direction this is going.
I don't want Jamie.

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