Sean Lowe Makes It Clear He's Still Not Over Emily Maynard

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Now that Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici have officially set a wedding date, odds are good that everyone who's anyone in Bachelor nation is going to be in attendance. Duh. Former stars of the show are in their own little exclusive club or something, so it only seems fitting for most of the crew to be there to see Sean and Catherine tie the knot.

And you'd think since Sean's ex, Lesley Murphy, is going to be one of Catherine's bridesmaids -- he shouldn't have any qualms about inviting other women he's swapped spit with either. I mean, he chose Catherine, so it's not like she has to worry about him getting cold feet at the last minute and riding off into the sunset with some girl he already dumped once.

But if Sean is so head-over-heels for Catherine, why in the heck isn't Emily Maynard getting a wedding invitation in the mail?!?

Sean's already made it pretty clear that he has no intention of inviting her, because he doesn't think it would be "appropriate." (Ok. But having Lesley there is totally cool, even though they played tonsil hockey way more than he and Emily did. WTF?)

If I didn't know any better, I'd say it's because Emily is the one who kicked Sean to the curb -- not the other way around. And even though he's moved on and is set to marry another woman, it still might sting a bit for him to see Em on the guest list. It might bring back old feelings or remind him that she chose another dude to give her final rose to.

It just doesn't make sense that he's ok having one ex in attendance but not another, which makes me wonder whether or not he's fully over Emily.

Or wait a second -- maybe he's not the problem at all. Maybe Catherine is worried about him having second thoughts after being face-to-face with the woman who broke his heart again? That would make sense. Um, have you seen Emily?!? She's a little bit on the gorgeous side, in case you hadn't noticed. I can see where it would be a bit intimidating to pass her while walking down the aisle to marry a man who had it pretty bad for her at one point in time.

Something's a little fishy here, alright -- but something tells me Emily probably couldn't care less whether or not she makes the guest list. She certainly has better things to do than watch Sean get hitched -- though she will miss a pretty good party if she isn't there. Oh come on, that's pretty much the only reason to attend an ex-boyfriend's wedding, right? For the awesome food, free booze, and dancing the night away with a bunch of hot, eligible men?

Hmm. On second thought, if Emily doesn't get invited, maybe she should just crash this little shin-dig. (I would.)

Have you ever attended an ex-boyfriend's wedding, or did you have an ex in attendance at yours? Was it awkward?


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Dania Elisse

what is wrong with you? seriously? Lesly Murphy is one of Catherine's bridesmaid because she is Catherine's best friend if it were up to Sean, Lesly wouldn't be there!as far as for Emily trust me Catherine could careless she got nothing to be worried about Emily is not intimidating at all i used to think she was pretty on the bachelor now she has done so much to her face Catherine is the real beauty here! Sean's been over her! you always finds a way to bring everything out of nothing you should be ashamed of yourself!

nonmember avatar lizgerber

Geez someone sure has an unhealthy obsession with this couple...this is not okay, dear author.

nonmember avatar cristylyn andre

folks, click the photo of Sean's mom &dad that appeared with this article. You will find out why this article is just rubbish

Trish Bradshaw

actually I helped my ex-fiance and his new bride with their wedding, not only that they are my roommates and best friends... but dont go thinking there is hanky panky going on...cause that def is not gonna happen, she is my best friend and would not do that to her

Roberta Howard

Emily is not invited because she is such a looser. She may be beatiful to u but most people think

she is a freakin u know what..I agree Lesly is Catherine's friend. Emily is neither Catherine's friend nor Sean's obcesssion.. So get over it she is not invited because she does not deserve to be in attendance.

Shame on u for thinking Sean even LIKES ..Emily the want to be



Puri Shea

It is not that Sean do not want to invite Emily but there is no reason Emily to attend his wedding, infact Emily is not really serious her relationship w/ Jeff H... Due to her husband's benefit, she would not remarry @ all, she will just use man to dates and she is aware of that.  She is not willing to relocate either.

nonmember avatar Guest

Again, Mary Fischer is making more negative remarks about Sean & Catherine. Who they invite to their wedding is of no concern of hers. Certainly, Mary Fischer should be removed from writing these adversarial articles.

Ardina Wang

Sean is going to marry the love of his life. It's too bad he had fallen to the 2X loser, but that's all over now. He loves Catherine! It's inappropriate for Emily the 2X loser to be invited. Mary Fischer STOP speculating about Sean! He's a good man, he doesn't deserve your nasty comments.

nonmember avatar Nunya

Umm... Its pretty known that Catherine is realy good friends with Lesley since the show. Obviously having her as a bridesmaid was Catherine's decision and Sean is okay with that. Not inviting Emily was Sean's decision. He probably didit out of respect for his future wife also. I am sure they talked about it before hand. This article is the reason why rumors get started.

nonmember avatar Guest

To Author:
I may not like Sean on his season but you are stupid and obsessed with Emily. You may like Pinot Grigio but you don't have class. All you do all day is thinking about your obsession with Emily. Are you related to her or something? Or you are just a mean person who likes gossip?

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