Kim Kardashian Celebrates Birthday With Nearly Naked Photo of Herself (PHOTO)

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kim kardashianHappy birthday Kim Kardashian! You have it all, darling. An adorable little baby North, aka Nori, aka Yeezus' daughter. And a man who loves you so much, he wore a t-shirt of you wearing only pearls. Nice move, Kanye. It's like a modern day love note because nobody writes notes anymore. There is no paper -- only epaper, which is known as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. And no one uses social media better than the birthday girl Kim K.

We all know it's kind of a slice of humble pie when we get older -- that number we call age starts creeping up closer to whatever birthday milestone freaks you out the most. And Kim has just turned 33. Two years closer to 35, and seven years to 40. Gulp. So she did what any reality star with an amazing body would do. She posted a nearly naked selfie on Instagram. LOOK!

kim kardashian

If that's not a photo for posterity's sake, I don't know what is. #nofilter by the way! I cannot stop staring at her behind. It ... it ... it ... defies words. Girl, you have got it going on and on and on. I'm not going to go and say she looks great for recently having a baby because that kind of stuff is just nonsense. We all know that motherhood makes you hotter. It just does. No matter what size or shape you are. There is this extra something that happens. Plus, getting older rules. Kim is proving me right in every way with this image. 

Happy birthday Kim!

What do you think of Kim's selfie? Too much? Or do you love it?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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nonmember avatar dumb

This is old news. And more than that, this is the dumbest article ever written! What self respecting woman would post a photo like this?

nonmember avatar Rina

Happy birthday Kim!

Cari Poissant

Mac Truck Butt. GROSS. What did she do to herself? That is not a normal butt. I hope that poor baby has more sense than both of her parents.

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