Kanye West Flaunts Kim Kardashian's Naked Body On His T-Shirt

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kanye westThere are plenty of things I would like a man to do to show his love for me. Things beyond buying me flowers. Baking chocolate chip cookies is always good in my book, but there are of course other ways to show love that may be a little more extreme. Like getting a tattoo of your girlfriend's name or wearing a t-shirt with an image of your girlfriend naked. Guess which one Kanye West did? Yep, the t-shirt flaunting Kim Kardashian naked -- the image is from one of her Playboy pics from a few years back. (Tattoo probably forthcoming.) Nothing says I love you like wearing a t-shirt with your lover's naked flesh on it. Wow!

The last few days we've seen a lot of Kim. She just snapped a selfie on Instagram that showed her in a white thong body suit that left very little to the imagination. After which, Kanye tweeted: HEADING HOME NOW. Everybody's loving Kim's bod.

And now we have Kanye's Kim love shirt, which also has the word "Yeezus" on it. Yeezus, indeed. She looks good. Real good. We all knew that. Before baby, during pregnancy, after baby -- always. And maybe this is just how love is shown nowadays. I mean, what do I know? All someone needs to do for me is bake some cookies. Perhaps I should up my expectations. 

I think it's sweet. Romantic even. Kanye's a bold statement making kind of guy and Kim's kind of showy -- so this makes total sense. I see hearts and love here. Clearly Kanye is proud to call Kim his lady love. He recently said on Kris Jenner's talk show that "[Kim is] my joy. She brought my new joy into the world." Awww. Baby North is certainly part of that.

So a naked shirt of your love it is! It's not a crude shirt -- all her lady bits are covered either by several strings of pearls or her hair. He was wearing it just before his concert in Seattle -- the first that kicked off his Yeezus tour. Kim was in the audience supporting her man. Love birds. 

What do you think of Kanye wearing a naked Kim t-shirt? Shows true love? What's the wildest thing someone has done for you?


Image via Kenny Sun/Flickr

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paige... paige8608

They're both disgusting, vile human beings that deserve each other. 

lasombrs lasombrs

the photo is blury but she seems to have some type of covering on in the image of the shirt. Its not all boobs and snatch showing like i expected anyway

nonmember avatar Heather

If she doesn't mind then I certainly don't care.

Lilit... Lilith.23

Yeah paige....you must know them real good to make that statement....wow.... --"

nonmember avatar bee

Geez Paige... The way you talk someone would think they ran over your grandmother and kicked her dog. Such hate for people you probably don't even now.

nonmember avatar shanna gee

He's just confessing his love to her I mean don't u think she deserves it she is so loving and kind

James Wright

it sick kane west have a t shirt of kim naked on i bet she is mad with him and kim tell him off and give him a slap kim and he wont do it again kim lv

nonmember avatar Princess Kela

I think she is beautiful & it's adorable that mr.West wants her women on his shirt during his tour..I I rather have me naked on my mans shirt than some other girl. Two thumbs up to Kayne..

nonmember avatar Renee

Well if this was on playboy the whole wrld saw already...i think he just makin a statement to the world and kim that he love her and her body and he dnt care what anybody have to say...tthe social media was veryy rude to her during her pregnancy everybody so stuck on being a stick its sad...she is curvacious and they are not ashamed. I love the statement he made. If it was a skinny model nobody would have said anything...tuh!

Aunt Reese

its sweet. there in love and have a new baby together. Happy for them

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