Ellen DeGeneres Brings Guest to Tears With Most Amazing Surprise (VIDEO)

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ellen degeneresA waitress from New Hampshire, named Sarah Hoidahl, saw two women that came in on her shift were struggling to figure out what they could order. Not because they were picky, but because they were members of the National Guard and had been furloughed because the government shutdown — and money was tight. So Hoidahl, a single mom to a 15-month-old baby boy, sent them a note and told them that she would pick up their bill for them. The women were so touched that they posted the note on the New Hampshire National Guard Facebook page and the image went viral. Next thing you know Ellen DeGeneres came knocking. She had Sarah on her show last week to tell her story, and then surprised her in the most amazing way!

Take a look and see for yourself:

$10,000! Amazing. But the really amazing thing here remains Sarah's initial gesture. Something so small that meant so much. Being willing to help someone else in their time of need. I mean ... if that doesn't inspire you to go out there and do something good for someone else today, I don't know what would.

Have you ever been touched in this way by a stranger? Or have you been in a position to help someone else? What's your story?



 Image via TheEllenShow/YouTube

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Pixie030 Pixie030

I used to watch the Montel show just to see what amazing gift or thought he would do to help others and was a bit sad when the show ended. But we love to hear what Ellen has been doing for others, she is a joy to watch and listen to and when my first baby boy was just learning to stand he would get so excited when her show came on he would pull himself up on one of those baby toys to help teach them to stand and walk and hold onto it with one hand while putting the other one straight out and dancing away during the opening of the show. lol The world needs people like them to show us tv is not only negative stuff, there is still some positive out there.

MamaS... MamaSince08

My family and I were in a really tough position a couple of years ago. My husband had lost his job around Christmas and I was a SAHM at the time,  and the last money we had went to rent and groceries. We had no money for Christmas gifts for our two daughters. Long story short, I opened up my front door to find dozens of Walmart bags full of  brand new clothes, shoes, and toys for my girls from strangers around my town. It was the nicest gesture we had ever experienced. I did not stop crying for literally hours. It was incredible. Now that we are better off, any time I hear of people needing things I try to pass it on. It doesn't take much to touch someone's heart and help them out during a really hard time.

Debbie Thompson

I simply love Ellen.....she is the most warm-hearted, generous person I have ever seen on television. Way to go, Ellen!!!  <3

Decan Andersen

My 7 year old daughter did something like that.
We had about a bag full of empty bottles,
and she asked me if she could have them.
She likes putting them in the machine in the mall,
and of cause, get a little candy for them.
So i agreed and we went to the mall with the bottles.
My daughter, took her sweet time with the bottles and the machine.
And a homeless lady came and stood behind us,
waiting for her turn with 2 small bottles,
hardly worth anything here.
So my daughter looks at her and smiles.
Then she turns to me,
she asked me if it was alright if she gave the homeless lady the ticket she got from the machine.
The lady was so thankful she started to cry.
It wasn't much, but it was enough for a proper meal.

One proud daddy :)

short... shortyali

In my area during the summer we had some massive flooding. Luckily my house wasn't part of it but we knew people that were. My son (who's 5) asked what happen to the kids toys in the flooded homes. I told him they had to be thrown out because of yuckies (mold and water damage and what not). He asked me if it was ok if he gave them some of his toys. We were in the process of packing anyway to move, so he grabbed a box and filled it with toys he no longer wanted. He did this for 3 huge boxes. Then he wanted to give away some of his stuffed animals so he and his sister filled 3 garbage bags with stuffed animals. I cried when we dropped this all off to one of the drop off points and there were a few kids there. The kids were soo excited to see the toys and the workers there said that was very kind. People in the area were worried about stuff and didn't think about the kids that lost things also. I have never been soo proud of my kids. In my house we call it paying it forward. Do good for others and others will do good for you.

nonmember avatar Jeannette marts

Ellen your such a wonderful person!!

Lynne Joy

I helped someone once and it was the most fun and best feeling I've had in a while. A young mother of two small children had her marriage end shortly before Christmas. Worried about providing a nice  Christmas for her 3 and 5 year old, I said I would take care of the gifts. I raised son's and she bad a daughter that loved Barbie. What fun I had shopping.


angel... angeltink7

As a person who loves to do little things for strangers when I can I can say that I get more joy out of doing those little things than I would get out of recieving the same from someone else.  I have paid peoples restaurant bills, when others don't have enough for their groceries and I have been behind them I have paid for those.  I have paid the bill at fast food drive thrus for the person behind me and I used to pay tolls for others before the ez passes come to be.  I try to do it without the person knowing I did so they can wonder who and why someone would do that.  I can't do it every time but I do it sometimes and I honestly love the feeling I get when I do.  There are so many ways we can help others even if they don't necessarily need it it might put the bug in their heart to do it for someone else.

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