Bruce Jenner Spotted Wearing Wedding Ring & Melancholy Look (PHOTO)

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bruce jennerI can't help but feel sorry for Bruce Jenner. He always seemed like he was just hanging on for dear life on the ride that is the Kardashians. Plus, whatever it is he did to his face. (Those eyes!) But he's a lovable guy, clearly loves his family even though he and Kris are now separated. But perhaps maybe he's holding on to his love for Kris a little too much?

Bruce was spotted wearing his wedding ring. And a sad face. Wearing that ring though ... that's a curious move.

The wedding ring is kind of the first thing to go. I'm not sure I could handle looking down at my ring finger and seeing the symbol of my love and marriage there when the marriage is coming to an end. Separation is a big move. And part of being separated is actually separating -- you live apart and there's paperwork with child support details and money things and that's when the ring goes in the ole safety deposit box ... or your jewelry box ... or anywhere out of sight. It could be a painful reminder of you ex. Of what you had. No thanks. Can't wear it even though I love it so much.

When Kris and Bruce announced that they were separated they said "We are living separately and we are much happier this way" and of course also shared that they love and respect each other. Typical Hollywood smoke and mirrors. What they should have also said is Oh and Bruce is still going to wear his ring so get over it. A little warning, you know? Instead we are left to guess why.

Is there some sort of Kardashian kurse on kommittment? Maybe marriage just is too much for them. Being together without saying those "I dos" seems to be enough. Kourtney and Scott are making it work without a ring on it. Kim and Kanye are too. Khloe and Lamar put rings on it and well, yeah, not so much.

Maybe Bruce just wants Kris to know he still loves her. He still values what they had -- he's still wearing his ring bling. Awwww, Brucie. But Kris ... Kris is busy telling the world she regrets divorcing Robert Kardashian and she wants to date other dudes, much younger dudes. Yikes.

Do you think Bruce and Kris will rekindle their love? Is it strange to continue to wear your wedding ring even after separation?


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Coles... Coles_mom

In all fairness, I don't think he has any other expressions.

jamie... jamiebrady

Kris isn't a Kardashian,she simply was married to one. And the wedding rung on Bruce's hand reminds me of the Adam Sandler / Jennifer Aniston movie. Run Bruce run .

flood... flood1971

The ring was one of the last things to go. The bed was first.

Taisie Taisie

I don't agree that the ring comes off the minute you and your spouse are separated. Some people view separation as a time to learn more about themselves, maybe the couple will go to therapy, or work on "fixing" themselves, bettering themselves, so they are in a better place mentally, and emotionally, to improve their relationship.

Many couples who "separate" do not end up getting divorced, but instead end up staying together with a stronger, closer relationship than ever.

MWrig... MWright02

I hope they try theraphy, the whole family seems like they need it. This could be a publicity stunt? Detour the paparazzi off kim, kayne and new baby? They are kind of old though to start all over i would be afraid to get back into dating after reaching a certain age and time during marriage. Even for the Kardashians, i hate to see a marriage fail, hope if there really having problems they work them out. Kris needs extra theraphy to i wonder if she realizes how big of a control freak she is when rewatching the show?

Mary Davis Crossland

I think Bruce and Kris are okay.  People should mind their own business and not assume or speculate.

jessi... jessicasmom1

hmmmmm people should mind their own business

nonmember avatar idv

Some people are old fashioned and believe that the ring should stay on as long as you're legally married. So, it will probably go when the divorce is final.

D.j. Lord

always love people who click on the story then post "mind your own bizness"

nonmember avatar lisa

i thought it would have happened sooner but i feel so terrible for him. Hes such a good man and i hope a good woman scoops him up cuz he deserves it. U know Kris won't think twice before moving on with someone a third of her age i'm sure. Ugh shes an evil woman...hope all the kids stay close to him since hes always been there for them. Bruce is a good man who deserves so much more

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