'Teen Mom' Sneak Peek: Briana Gets Wild for a Night ... Finally (VIDEO)

Teen Mom Briana DeJesusThe cast of girls on Teen Mom 3 has been getting a lot of praise for their nose-to-the-grindstone, child-focused lives. But it couldn't last forever, folks! And in an exclusive sneak peek of episode 10 of the season, we get to see what happens when Briana DeJesus decides to leave daughter Nova so she can have a night out to celebrate her 18th birthday like a normal teenager.

Oh to be a fly on the wall when Briana's mom watches this one! Just listen to what her daughter had to say:


Oooooh, Briana, just wait until Mama Roxanne hears about that club! She may be 18, but girlfriend is never too old to get a tongue lashing from the woman who raised her and stuck her neck out when she came home pregnant!

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Not that Briana doesn't deserve her little night of fun. Seriously, folks, this girl hasn't left her baby in eight months for a night out? At 18?

Briana's devotion to Nova is refreshing, especially in light of some of the antics of her co-stars (cough, Jenelle, cough, cough), but even a teen mom deserves to live it up on her 18th birthday.

What do you think of Briana's night out? Did she deserve it, or should she be home with the baby?


Image via MTV

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ktobin2 ktobin2

Good for her. All moms need a break. As long as she's not pulling a "Farrah" all the time and having everyone watch her daughter while she goes out constantly, I don't see anything wrong with it.

Lesli... LeslieandBerlyn

I love her on the show, she is by far my favorite mommy :) She deserves to go out and let loose once in a while, especially on her birthday. Good for her :)

Momma... Momma_Lauth

Het family is my least favorite. Can someone please write about how she "qualifies" for WIC and the cast of Teen Mom makes literally 5 times my annual salary?

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