'Teen Mom 3' Recap: Katie Drops a Bomb on Joey

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Teen Mom Katie YeagerWhat is up with the dads on Teen Mom 3? Did they decide to trade bodies for the 10th episode of the season or something? Matt McCann came off as the caring dad who's just trying to get clean for his daughter, Josh McKee came off as a jerk for standing up Mackenzie Douthit, and Joey Maes came off as a victim? What in the world is happening?

Let's start with Joey because he has become something of a TV villain this season, freaking out on girlfriend Katie Yeager, tearing their apartment apart, and putting her down every chance he can get. Tonight the two were fighting -- as usual -- but angry Katie went a little too far.

She called Joey a "deadbeat baby daddy." Come on now, is that really fair?

Credit to Joey, he admitted right away that he's not a good boyfriend, but he said he's a good dad, and I don't blame him for being mad. He might be a jerk, but every day he gets up and goes to the work as a coal miner -- not the easiest job in the world -- to provide for his daughter. That's NOT a deadbeat dad.

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It looks like these two are broken up now, and we can only hope it's for good. Neither one seems to be good for the other.

The other Teen Mom 3 star going through a rough patch tonight was Mackenzie. Since finding out Josh was lying to her, she hasn't seen much of him, but that doesn't stop her from running when he calls for her to swing by to pick up her saddle from his house.

It's sad to see her sitting alone on his porch with little Gannon, trying to figure out why she's been stood up by a guy who doesn't even have the guts to show up to actually give her her stuff back!

With all that doom and gloom, it was nice to see some happy moments for Alex Sekella tonight. Matt McCann seems to really be working at doing things right in rehab, and she's even seeing a new guy who has no problem with little Arabella tagging along.

As for Briana, turning 18 was a mixed bag. She didn't have any fun out at a nightclub with her friends, but she did survive her first big night out away from Nova since the little girl was born.

What did you think of Katie's attack on Joey? Is she really being fair to him?


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nonmember avatar Nicole

Sorry Katie dont agree with you about Joey being a dead beat babydaddy! Im sorry but there's no perfect baby daddy especially when your young! You ladies are no more perfect than the baby daddies your jus more responsible! I kno what's its like to want to give your child a family with both parents!! Im not gonna lie and say it was easy trust me because it was alot of compromise and fighting and dedication 2 making our family work! I have been with my husband since I was 15yrs old and we have been married 19yrs. So everything we have been through was worth it! But at the end of the day only you kno what you can tolerate or are willing 2 go through for yourself and your family and when I say your family I mean your your child!

D.j. Lord

consider the source

nonmember avatar Lily

Why isn't Joey a great boyfriend? Because he works very hard for Katie to stay at home and be independent (which is practically unheard of for teen moms!) and she is ALWAYS on him about something. Being a stay-at-home mom isn't easy, but it's a luxury many mothers don't get... I wish Katie would once have thought of that before opening her mouth to yell at Joey! Maybe they weren't good for each other, but they were great parents and I blame her more for their demise than I blame him.

nonmember avatar Emmie

I have been watching this show from the beginning and I just don't see why everyone thinks Joey is such a jerk. Granted, some of his reactions are immature as to be expected from a teenager, but overall he's a pretty good guy from what they show on TV. She pushes his buttons constantly and it seems there is nothing he can do to please her. Some people are better off apart!

deszi... deszirr24

girls like that need to realize what its like to have a REAL deadbeat baby daddy and i bet they change their minds quickly on the things they say to dads that are actually there.

Taryn Coleman

Katie is a spoiled brat. I'd be pissed off, too, if I was working my ass off and she was just picking at anything and everything I did. Yes, he did go too far when he threw stuff around their apartment. He lost his cool. But she throws a fit every time she doesn't get her way. He's good with his child and he provides for both her and Katie while busting his butt at a dangerous job. I can't stand Katie!

Kim Walker Lutz

I too feel bad for Joey! He is getting a bad rap. Katie does not appreciate anything Joey does. When he had her car washed for her birthday she pitched a fit about the $10.No matter what he does she complains. He is tired from working so hard to try to please her.

nonmember avatar Jennifer

Ya...I dont understand how anyone could think thay Katir is ever so mistreated. All she does is bitch at joey...she starts fights and cries and plays the victim when joey gets mad..then she calls all of her friends and her mom and says he screamed at het for no reason. I cant stand to watch when Katie is on...someone needs to give her a wake up call.

nonmember avatar tabatha

Katie I'm sorry u n joey are having problems, I hope it gets better for the both of u. U guys make a good couple if only u guys could respect eachother. If u guys don't have tht its not goin to work sorry to say. On ur break u guys should go on dates and make eachother feel special n wanted. Its not only u like everyone says so don't think tht. There is 2 in a relationship so there for its both of u guys. I've learned this in my relationship with my husband and we have been together for 11yrs andwe was young when we got together but money is an evil thing. Stop fightin over it cause its not gettin u newhere don't stress over money live ur life to the fullest n stop worrying bout stuff tht u guys r goin to fight u know y money isn't tht important to me wht is important ro me is my family. I think if u guys stop gettin into it bout money tht would stop most the fighting. Hope to see u guys better. And Katie keep ur head up

nonmember avatar Lacy

She resents Joey bc she had to give up her life, her dream of college. I think she blames him. Also they are on opposite schedules, he woeks nights. That plays a big role. My husband worked nights foe many years and it was tougj with kids but we made it work

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