Olsen Twins' Confession About 'Full House' Will Disappoint Loyal Fans

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Olsen twinsHello, my name is Mary and I'm a total Full House junkie and have been ever since I was a kid. And when I say junkie, I mean that I stood in line at a mall for hours to meet John Stamos, fumbled my way through a phone interview with Candace Cameron because I was so starstruck I couldn't speak -- and I did a happy dance when my 7-year-old son discovered the reruns on Nickelodeon, which now play in my house every single day.

And that's why when I saw the Olsen twins' confession about Michelle Tanner's character this morning, I couldn't help but feel like the show has now been ruined for me in a small yet sort of significant way.

You guysssss? Apparently Michelle wore Chanel and Marc Jacobs on the set of Full House instead of traditional toddler clothes like Carter's, OshKosh, or whatever the hell little kids were typically wearing back in the '90s.

What. The. Heck??

Ugh. Am I the only one who is a little bit disheartened by this news? The thing that makes us all adore Full House so much is how relatable the family is and how much they really did look like normal kids growing up in a living situation that actually probably would be considered "normal" by today's standards.

But now that we know little Michelle was toddling around the set in designer duds? It really takes away from the innocence of the show -- to the point where every time I watch it from now on, I'm going to be sizing Michelle up and down to try and figure out what label she's wearing on any given episode.

And every time she says, "You got it, dude," I'm gonna be thinking, "No, you're the one who's got it, honey, with your thousand-dollar pint-sized clothes."

Sigh. What's next? Are we going to find out that Uncle Jesse was really wearing a toupee all that time? Or that Danny and Becky were doing it behind the scenes? (Now that would be a real buzz kill.)

Are you surprised to hear that Michelle wore designer clothes?


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nonmember avatar MrsClark87

R u serious? I thot I was going to click on this story and actually read something shocking. Kids on a tv show wearing designer clothes! what a shocker!

CanCa... CanCan123

MEH!!!!! Lame article. Who cares its a TV Show and doesnt alter the way I think of FH at all. LAME

nonmember avatar Kristi

I seriously think you write stupid stuff just to see what we will write in response.

Bryce... Brycesmommy21

I agree I thought there was some juicy info in this article. Instead you hyped up the fact they wore designer clothing? Who cares, obviously even being designer it had you fooled to think it was Osh Kosh or something on that matter so why even talk about it?

BPayne09 BPayne09

OMG not designer clothes!

Debbie Strickland Boockholdt-Arnette

Who gives a crap. I couldn't tell you what they had on 5 minutes after the show ended. I watch because it was funny.  I would be shocked if the whole cast wasn't wearing designer clothes. Believe me if I was a celebrity i would take full advantage of it. Quit being stupid...There's enough of them already in the world.

TheLa... TheLadyAmalthea

LOL... the comments are better than the article!

Krist... Kristanna

LMAO!!! Wow...just wow.

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