'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham's Tattoo Takes Self-Absorbed to a Whole New Level (PHOTO)

Farrah AbrahamGuess who just joined the Teen Mom tattoo club! Hint: she's had her body altered in countless ways -- and for countless dollars -- but never been inked ... until now. Yup, you got it. Farrah Abraham has been talking about getting a tattoo since the spring, and the reality star turned porn star has finally gone and done it.

So what did she get? Let's just say the delusional reality star may have topped herself with this one, y'all. Take a look at Farrah's new tattoo:


Ahem. Let's just set aside for a second that Miss I Waxed My Toddler's Eyebrows, I Plan to Show My Kid My Porno just called herself an amazing mom?

Did she just get a "mom" tattoo to pay tribute to ... herself?

Oh my!

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Now hold up, I know that tattoos are very personal, and body art is very often something near and dear to one's heart. But when you look at "mom" tats like the one Farrah is showing off, nine times out of, um, nine, they're not about the person who is sporting them. They're a tribute to their mother.

Leave it to Farrah Abraham to be the one woman out there who gets a tribute tattoo ... in tribute to herself!

What do you think of Farrah's new ink? Do you have a tribute tattoo?


Image via Instagram

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