Charlie Hunnam's 'Over the Top' '50 Shades' Demands Don't Make Sense

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charlie hunnamI'm confused about this whole Charlie Hunnam dropping out of Fifty Shades of Grey thing. There are some rumors that make his leaving totally understandable -- like his getting paid only $125,000. But there are other things that just aren't adding up -- like all of these stories that are suddenly cropping up, claiming his diva-like attitude is what killed the deal. 

A headline on Radar Online today screams: "Fifty Shades Of Crisis! How Charlie Hunnam’s Over-The-Top Demands Left Producers Scrambling For A New Christian Grey." In it, the article talks about how Charlie essentially wanted final say over the script, along with a slew of other demands. But ... this couldn't have been something he decided on a whim after the ink was dry, right? I mean, if that's the case, then yeah, he is a diva.

A hot, hot diva.

Typically, when an actor takes on a role, he and the studio come to the terms before a contract is drawn up. And since Charlie has been in the business for a while, I'm assuming he knows this. There's no way he out of the blue started demanding script changes after he already signed a deal with Universal. That would be crazy. That would be, as Radar put it, an over-the-top demand.

I don't think we're going to get the full story as to what exactly went down any time soon, but if this is the case, then yeah, Charlie wasn't a good fit for the role at all. Everyone has a specific job when a movie is being made, and even though Charlie is a writer himself, he's not the writer of Fifty Shades. He was brought on to act in it, not to do a rewrite.

On the other hand, if Universal made that promise to him and then reneged, well, that's kinda dick.

Are you happy or sad Charlie won't be playing Christian?

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