Charlie Hunnam's 'Over the Top' '50 Shades' Demands Don't Make Sense

charlie hunnamI'm confused about this whole Charlie Hunnam dropping out of Fifty Shades of Grey thing. There are some rumors that make his leaving totally understandable -- like his getting paid only $125,000. But there are other things that just aren't adding up -- like all of these stories that are suddenly cropping up, claiming his diva-like attitude is what killed the deal. 

A headline on Radar Online today screams: "Fifty Shades Of Crisis! How Charlie Hunnam’s Over-The-Top Demands Left Producers Scrambling For A New Christian Grey." In it, the article talks about how Charlie essentially wanted final say over the script, along with a slew of other demands. But ... this couldn't have been something he decided on a whim after the ink was dry, right? I mean, if that's the case, then yeah, he is a diva.

A hot, hot diva.

Typically, when an actor takes on a role, he and the studio come to the terms before a contract is drawn up. And since Charlie has been in the business for a while, I'm assuming he knows this. There's no way he out of the blue started demanding script changes after he already signed a deal with Universal. That would be crazy. That would be, as Radar put it, an over-the-top demand.

I don't think we're going to get the full story as to what exactly went down any time soon, but if this is the case, then yeah, Charlie wasn't a good fit for the role at all. Everyone has a specific job when a movie is being made, and even though Charlie is a writer himself, he's not the writer of Fifty Shades. He was brought on to act in it, not to do a rewrite.

On the other hand, if Universal made that promise to him and then reneged, well, that's kinda dick.

Are you happy or sad Charlie won't be playing Christian?

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nonmember avatar Christina

I love me some Charlie, and the only reason I read the books was because he was supposed to play Christian. Then I fell in love with the books, imagining him as Christian, so I am very disappointed he will not be taking the part. They better get someone good!!

nonmember avatar Daisy

Charlie would have been a perfect CG!

Allison Spicer

Charlie would of been perfect..and he knew this, so i really dont blame him for asking for me. People just need to lay off of him. I doubt he is losing any sleep over it so why should any of us?


nonmember avatar Laura

Yes I was very disappointed and heartbreaking. I was giving him my full support and was looking forward what he would bring on the screen. Hope they will find someone like Charlie. Big fan of his.

Kathreine Michelle Lee

Hey the real Christian Grey had his demands didn't he? HAHA!

Still team Ian And Alexis but I don't think it's gunna happen. I love charlie but i don't see him as CG. I'll take Christian Cooke! ;) Alex Kingston for mrs.robinson pleaaase!!???

nonmember avatar Amjaba

They will never find someone that is as perfect as Charlie is for the role of CG! The haters all got their way now the replacement will be second rate...thanks haters!

nonmember avatar tara

I am a huge fan of Charlie!!! When he was announced as.CG I was ecstatic!! He wasnt who I pictured while.I read the book, but he would have naiked the role!!' intensity that fit the role.perfectly...he also knows how to play the chase of love...n be mysterious. I AM SO DISAPPOINTED WITH THE NEWS OF HOM LEAVING THIS PROJECT!!! He would have nailed the musterious vulnerability of.CG..along.with his sly wit. It was Charlie all the way! I was really looking forward to watching Charlie bring CG to life. :( The books plot dragged on, however if scripted.properly, be great. His intense stares.. n his ability to show.humor in his.eyes...would have been!!!

Vicky Miranda Mesa

No way, this is totally out of character for him. Everyone around Hollywood comments how down to earth Charlie is, and how careful he is when accepting any role. With all the words describing this movie floating around like Ranchy, Erotic, Mommy Porn, and Sleazy. Not to mention E.L James very public disappointment about Robert Pattinson not being chosen (As if that wasn't a slap in the face) I can't say I don't blame him for walking. I respect him more for it. 

Beth Smith

I am happy.


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