Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici's Wedding Paycheck Explains a Lot

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Sean Lowe Catherine GiudiciWe're already pretty envious of the swanky-as-all-get-out TV wedding Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are going to have on January 26, 2014. ABC is paying for it so you know there will be no expense spared to make this the event of the year.

I figured they'd probably be getting a free first class honeymoon in addition to not having to shell out one dime for their big day. But for some reason, it never crossed my mind that Sean and Catherine would also be paid a nice sum of cash to tie the knot in front of millions of ABC's loyal viewers.

Ugh. How could I be so stupid? I must be losing my touch.

Ok, so are you ready to hear how much Sean and Catherine are being paid for their nuptials?

While there isn't an exact number, supposedly they'll receive a six-figure paycheck simply for saying "I do" and letting millions of people watch.

(Geez. How do I get on The Bachelor, win the dude at the end -- and where do I sign up for my free wedding?)

Are you believing this? Six figures. Hell, if everyone got paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to get hitched, maybe the divorce rate in this country would go down a tad. 

Um, no wonder Sean and Catherine are having their wedding aired on live TV. They might as well go ahead and drop the "we met on TV so we should get married on TV" bullshit excuse.

I mean, what couple in their right mind wouldn't jump at the chance to be paid for a party being thrown in their honor -- that's also 100 percent cost free to them?!?

They'd be complete idiots to turn down an offer like this. All I can say is more power to 'em for taking the bait and agreeing to share their wedding with all of their loyal Bachelor fans.

Settling into life as newlyweds isn't usually all that stressful (what with the blinding honeymoon phase and all) -- but something tells me having all that extra dough in their bank account will only make things even more peachy keen.

Damn. If only the rest of us could be so lucky as to have a major TV network throw money at us for putting a ring on it. (Not that I'm jealous or anything. Really.)

Do you think the hefty paycheck is the reason Sean and Catherine are having a TV wedding?


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Deb Hollis

I agree with them getting paid big bucks for having their wedding on tv. We all love to see the joyful moments in someones life and because they have been in the public eye since confirming ones love for eachother ... they deserve the six-figure pay out for all the public scrutny .... ie. your blog, FB page! I just wish you wouldn't assume ones relationship dynamics, because consistently you are WRONG!!! Give facts, and ephasize the LOVE, and you may attract even more followers. We have enough negativity in the media ... be different. I roll my eyes at your posts often because you over analyze, and typically are wrong. Let these couples relationships flourish .... and be a source that your readers can come to for facts ... not just one more social media source that will say ANYTHING to get the attention. PITIFUL ... I wish Sean and Catherine abundant blessing upon their union. They are adorable and absolutely don't need peeps talking them down.

Gail D Schmidt

Sure they would be very stupid to pass it up. Also they deserve it for all the negitive publicity they have recieved since the show aired. Best wishes to the happy couple.


nonmember avatar maryann

Do you know how much weddings cost? They'd have to be fools to turn down a free wedding and a paycheck. Good for them! Congrats. Cute couple.

nonmember avatar my

I would not pass it up. He is good buisness man. Got on DWTS, Free wedding. money for live wedding.not in love with cat, but doing buisness as usual. divorce soon as allowed.

nonmember avatar Victorya

I agreed 101% with Deb Hollis about the author. Once you read her article you can tell what kind of person she is. Anyway, Congratulations to Sean and Catherine. Wish them all the best in whatever they do. God Bless.

nonmember avatar raymunda warren

They both deserved the best.congrats!God is good...

Peggy Perrault

Who would turn down the chance to be given that kind of money? I do not think that it will last very long. My gosh, wish I could get on a show like that. They should have one for older people.

Delia Filomeno


Puri Shea

Why not!  They didn't force the media to be air their wedding.  They are just lucky couple to celebrated their bidg day, and what counts is their love each other and that will be their new beginning as truly husband and wife.. GO SEAN AND CATHERINE, BE FAITHFUL TO EACH OTHER IS THE MOST IMPORTANT RECIPE AS A COUPLE!


Carol Parks

Sean loves the spotlight, so even without the money, he would have done it. There's just something about him that creeps me out. I love Catherine, & I think she is too good for him. Just my opinion. 


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