Kanye West Has No Intention of Making Kim Kardashian His Wife in This Lifetime

kim and kanyeAnyone who follows the many over-the-top antics of Kanye West knows one thing: the rapper says and does whatever he wants no matter how anyone else feels about it. It seems the same holds true even when dealing with the supposed love of his life Kim Kardashian. West reportedly has made a firm decision about their future together and Kim may not be too happy about it.


Since the birth of their baby North, friends and fans alike have been wondering when the high-profile pair will tie the knot. Unlike Kim, Kanye has never been married. Still, everyone expects some kind of flashy fete befitting their lifestyle. But it looks like that day will never come. Perez Hilton reports that Kanye says marriage is not in his future.

Kanye is telling friends that he’ll never marry Kim. He has no need or desire to make their relationship official in the eyes of the law. Kanye prefers the idea of them as partners. He sees marriage as outdated and he’s all about embracing the modern and the new. He doesn’t feel like he has to marry Kim just because they have a [daughter, Nori] together.

Ouch. That's a bit selfish, even for Kanye. Sounds a bit harsh, especially if Kim wants to get married again. And it's certainly a normal expectation on her part. Kanye has repeatedly professed his love for his "girl." He even penned a song about Kim, affectionately calling her his "perfect bitch." While some women would take offense to it, Kim seems to dig his expression of love. So she may be heartbroken by his stance on marriage. Sure, he is a modern guy, and I am sure she respects that. But doesn't he love her enough to put a ring on it?

Kim may not have wanted a big splashy wedding like her ridiculous nuptials to Kris Humphries, but I am sure she wouldn't mind being Mrs. Yeezy. But if she is, indeed, disappointed, I think she will come to see that this is for the best. Not being legally married will make that inevitable split a lot less messy. Because as much as I am rooting for them to last, most celebrity couples do not.

What makes Kim and Kanye a good match?


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